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At drinktec 2013, WILD Flavors GmbH (WILD) will be presenting innovations for the beverage industry, demonstrating its keen understanding of current consumer trends and sharing its global market expertise. Thanks to products from WILD’s portfolio, manufacturers can breathe new life into established beverage sectors as well as new ones: beer-mix drinks, malt beverages, ready to drink (RTD) tea, energy drinks, juice and much more.

At the WILD booth, the right innovation for new growth is available for every manufacturer. As one of the leading experts in global ingredients, WILD is always on top of international markets and consumer needs, and just in time for drinktec it will be presenting its new developments. Its motto for the industry: We grow your business, naturally!®

En vogue with new beer-mixes and malt beverages
In the field of beer-mix drinks, WILD has created highlights with en vogue products such as cloudy variants with juice. Manufacturers can come to the WILD booth and experience for themselves how compelling the new flavors for these popular mixed drinks are. Non-alcoholic malt beverages are extremely promising for breweries as well as producers of soft drinks. Here WILD features a variety of options in terms of malt content and numerous fruity flavors – perfect for the many different taste preferences around the world.

Subscribing to success ― the energy-drink sector
Higher, faster, newer ― the energy drink trend keeps growing around the world. WILD is seen as one of the leading international manufacturers of ingredients for these drinks which give people new vigor. In addition to classic flavors, WILD’s portfolio also includes developments such as energy plus juice, energy plus coffee, functional energy drinks and no calorie concepts. The energy drink boom is far from being over.

On top of today’s trends: premium RTD teas
Today, manufacturers who want to offer consumers innovative new drinks with a healthy image will set their sights on premium tea beverages ― a powerful growth category. The latest addition to WILD’s selection is brewed tea, which offers new standards in terms of quality and flavor. Another attractive bonus is the fact that these products can be labeled as “brewed tea.” Manufacturers who want to concentrate on classic products based on tea extracts or tea infusions will find what they are looking for at WILD as well. For years the company has specialized in the trend segment, as its broad range of product options at the drinktec booth will confirm.

Expertise in great taste for juice and nectar
WILD’s product palette in the juice sector consists of the finest ingredients: an exquisite taste, top quality fruit and new product ideas. When it comes to compounds for juices, nectars and functional beverages with a juice content, the company is a competent partner for the industry, last not least due to its acquisition of Cargill’s juice business. Creative innovations for new product ranges in the field of juices and nectars round out what WILD has to offer.

Creating new inspiration for soft drinks
WILD is also presenting new soft drinks featuring a “grown-up” taste profile based on WILD’s newly developed fermentation technology. This process gives beverages a distinctive flavor and allows manufacturers to position products naturally. WILD also offers new flavors for soft drinks – everything from fruity to spicy, with mint ingredients or sweetened with stevia for low calorie concepts. In keeping with the stevia trend, the company also offers stevia sweetened products in other beverage categories, such as still drinks and tea beverages.

Brand-new: beverages which taste of dessert
One WILD innovation which provides an exciting taste sensation is combining fruit juice with dessert flavorings. This sweet and fruity blend is an excellent response to the demand for new thirst quenchers with a delicious flavor. WILD developed the “Delicious Duo” products on a basis of milk and emulsions. A highly promising concept around the globe – no matter whether the products are for Europe, the Middle East, Africa or America.

WILD at drinktec 2013: Hall B1, Booth 101