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Chicago-based Industry Juice, which recently launched at the 2017 National Restaurant Show, offers a true alternative to squeezing citrus juice on premise with its 100 % fresh squeezed, cold-pressed lime, lemon, pineapple, orange and grapefruit juices.

Industry Juice was conceived to alleviate the pain points around squeezing juice inside bars and restaurants. They do this while maintaining the high qualities that are needed to serve consistent, great-tasting cocktails to those mixologists and craft cocktail bars that really care about quality. Industry Juice’s cold-pressed process uses pressure, not heat, to extend shelf life thereby maintaining the integrity of the enzymes and flavours in the juices. This process offers bars and restaurants fresh, high quality taste along with a guaranteed 30-day shelf life without the hassle that comes with squeezing on a daily basis.

The quality and flavour of Industry Juice’s 100 % pure, fresh squeezed, cold-pressed juices is offered delivered direct, from Press to Bar, which is very unique to the industry and is the freshest way to receive bottled fresh juice. Bottled on-site at facilities in the Midwest, Industry Juice maintains shelf life by putting the bottles of juice under high pressure simulating 60 kilometers below sea level to preserve the enzymes that make juices taste so fresh. Industry Juice thus provides the additional benefit of a 30-day guaranteed shelf life without the use of preservatives or damaging heat pasteurization.