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GHOST® HYDRATION launches with four flavours and contains zero caffeine

GHOST®, a lifestyle brand of sports nutrition products, energy drinks, dietary supplements, and apparel, introduces the first-ever authentically licensed ready-to-drink (RTD) hydration beverage that can be sipped on throughout the day (or night). With four flavours – ORANGE SQUEEZE, LEMON LIME, KIWI STRAWBERRY, and SOUR PATCH KIDS® “REDBERRY®” – GHOST® HYDRATION is elevating the hydration experience.

GHOST® HYDRATION stands out from other hydration products on the market by proudly declaring zero caffeine and transparently showcasing the dosage of each active ingredient on the GHOST® Full Disclosure Label. The epically flavoured drink has 996 mg total electrolytes and is designed to replenish the five electrolytes lost in sweat. From classic citrus flavours to the mouth-puckering SOUR PATCH KIDS® “REDBERRY®,” there is an option ready to quench thirst 24/7, bringing a whole new level of flavour and refreshment to a daily routine. In addition to kicking caffeine and sugar to the curb, the beverage is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and naturally coloured.

“The sports drink category has been on fire the past year, and GHOST® couldn’t be more excited to bring additional efficacy and some of our authentic flavour collaborations to the shelf,” said Dan Lourenco, Co-Founder and CEO of GHOST®. “Expanding on the success of our powdered hydration product, we can’t wait for the legends out there to get their hands on our RTD hydration product. It’s a flexible and functional anytime thirst quencher with 996 mg total electrolytes, 100 % RDA of Vitamins B6, B12, and Vitamin C, and additional premium trademarked ingredients such as Aquamin® and Senactiv®.”

GHOST® HYDRATION is available in-store at 7-Eleven, Kroger, Walmart, Target, and more in the US.