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“Compact blade peeler” improves the peeling speed and yield rateSponsored Post Large industrial fruit processors such as central kitchens and food factories, often use fruit peeling machine. Replacing manual peeling with peeling machine is a common trend since it can save labour fee and improve speed. However, many small fruit juice bars still peel fruits by themselves. Small kitchens do not have neither enough space to install a large machine, nor budget to purchase an expensive unit. There are some compact, low-priced peeling machines in the world. However, most of them are too cheap, easy to brake, too slow… except for the ASTRA KA-700H.

KA-700H “Peel-a-ton” is a compact, industrial peeling machine designed for use in limited process space. The machine can peel more than 20 kinds of fruits, in speed of 400 peeling per hour. Choose your fruit, insert the fruit, and GO! Easy to operate with simple navigation, allowing uncomplicated training for any level of employee.

The largest difference between the KA-700H and other common peeling machine is that KA-700H peels with peeler blade, while the others peel with a rotating round-type blade unit. This difference might seem small, but this makes varieties of merits for every customer.

“Compact blade peeler” improves the peeling speed and yield rate
Astra vs normal comparison (Photo: Astra Inc.)

Peeler blade peels the fruit surface to a smooth polygonal shape, while the round-type unit creates a bumpy, rough surface. In other words, Peeler blades makes higher yield and less waste. The peeling speed is faster, since the peeler blade can peel larger area than the round-type unit. Also, the KA-700H is good in adjusting the peeling depth. For those who peel lemons might know that the aroma of lemon is mostly included in the yellow surface of the lemon skin, not in the white part. KA-700H is possible to peel just the very surface of lemon, which is the reason why this unit is highly evaluated from the Limoncello distilleries.

KA-700H is already used in 20+ countries, mainly in the fresh-cut fruits and fresh juice industry. As ASTRA Inc. sees the booming opportunity in the markets, the company is now looking for distributors in many areas.