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More and more reuse and recycling schemes for beverage packaging are seen as efficient tools for reducing the environmental impact of packaging systems and for increasing their resource efficiency.

In this scenario, AROL REVERSE is becoming a must for all those bottlers looking for an effective response to unscrew pre-threaded plastic caps and threaded aluminium caps from glass and ref-pet bottles.

Reverse main features:

  • Safe unscrewing of caps with a diameter from 28 to 38 mm
  • Speeds up to 60,000 cph (1,000 cpm)
  • 3 to 30 heads
  • No cap – no decapping feature to prevent bottle neck damage
  • Quick format change
  • Special handling parts in stainless steel for ref-pet bottles to prevent scratches to bottles and give longer life to components
  • Decapping heads completely in stainless steel
  • Available with stainless steel cap discharge piping and container
  • Flexible design to be adapted to the local condition of any plant
  • Advanced inspection systems for height variance at the infeed and cap detection at the discharge.

About AROL
AROL was founded in 1978 and steadily grew as a global provider of capping solutions. It designs 100 % of its capping and caps sorting machines and it produces inside + 95 % of their parts.
700+ equipment delivered every year and 24.500+ installed all over the word in a vast variety of industries, from 1.000 to 90.000 BPH, make of AROL the largest specialist of customized solutions to any capping need.
The AROL technical support is available for the whole life cycle of the machine and counts on a highly skilled team of specialists operating from each of its 10 worldwide offices.
AROL is part of AROL Group, together with UNIMAC-GHERRI, specialist in filling and capping of glass, metal and plastic containers with twist-off and pre-threaded caps for dense, semi dense and pasty products; TIRELLI, focused on packaging equipment for the cosmetics industry and MACA Engineering S.r.l, specialist in designing and manufacturing machines for the production, assembly and cut of aluminium and plastic caps and closures.
The solutions proposed by AROL GROUP can serve therefore the beverage, beer, food, wine, spirits, personal care, chemical, household care and cosmetics industries.

MACA ENGINEERING S.r.l of San Quirino (Pordenone, Italy), specialist in designing and manufacturing machines for the production, assembly and cut of aluminium and plastic caps and closures, joined the AROL Group, world leader in capping equipment.

AROL Group thus confirms its industrial project and strategy to vertically expand its range of high-tech machines for primary packaging, in order to ensure the ever-increasing safety standards in the final customer’s interest.

“We are particularly pleased to welcome in our family the MACA ENGINEERING team, which for over 30 years has been designing and manufacturing equipment synonymous of robustness, precision and reliability, perfectly in line with our values and objectives. We are fully aware of the the growing quality expectations of the bottling lines – in every product sector and country in the world – and the possibility of adding to AROL’s know-how the technologies related to caps production, so strong and firmly rooted in MACA ENGINEERING, will result in a unique offer in the industrial landscape, which will increase the skills of both companies, bringing a sure added value to our respective clients “commented Alberto Cirio, CEO of AROL S.p.A.

“This collaboration will allow us to accelerate in the innovation and development of our products and services, relying on the experience of AROL Group companies and on an incredible R&D team that has been able to fully understand the need for integration of the equipment in the smart factories of the latest generation”, said Andrea Marchioro, CEO of MACA ENGINEERING.

AROL Group – a world leader for design and production of closure systems – announced the important technological agreement executed on September 30, 2019 with Antares Vision S.p.A. – world leader in the production of technologies for tracking, visual inspection and intelligent data management in packing lines – which, at the same time, has purchased FT System S.r.l. from AROL.

The agreement confirms the ambitious industrial project by AROL which, as a consequence, will be able to accelerate investments and acquisitions focused in the strategic sector of capping and sealing, and will increase integration for inspection and control systems in its machines, thanks to the strong synergy with Antares Vision. FT System S.r.l., specialized in non-destructive inspection and control systems, both in line and in laboratory, will continue its strong technical collaboration thanks to which, throughout the 10 formidable years spent in the AROL Group, new extremely integrated systems have been implemented and placed before or after AROL’s capping machine and great innovations have been introduced in the line completely automatic controls, such as Robo-QCS.

Research and implementation of the ambitious project presented 2 years ago by AROL and FT System with the name of Cyber Physical System (CPS) – which unites packaging lines and digital systems and, therefore, integrates physical and cyber worlds – will be powered and enriched by Antares Vision’s extraordinary competence in Track&Trace and Data Analysis.

The aim that AROL, FT System and Antares Vision intend to pursue with this technological co-development agreement is to make CPS extremely efficient and accessible to every packing line so that CPS might collect, elaborate, interpret real time data and constantly send feedback, also automatically, to packing plants and, as a consequence, maximize the efficiency of lines and single machines, constantly linked to the quality of packed and adequately tracked product.

The new partnership will allow Antares Vision to take advantage of the experience earned with more than 27 thousands AROL Group machines delivered worldwide, in the sectors of beverage, wine and spirit, food, cosmetics, household care, chemical, and also it will allow AROL to rely on Antares Vision’s highly advanced know-how, which makes Antares Vision the undisputed world leader in the pharmaceutical sector, by increasing FT System’s potential and thus guaranteeing a sure technological advantage to its clients in the final customer’s interest.