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One of the circular economy agriculture leaders Alvinesa Natural Ingredients has announced the acquisition of Cades Penedes, a leading Catalonian manufacturer of grape-derived sustainable ingredients. The company is based in Penedes, one of Spain’s best wine-producing regions and among the most ancient viticultural areas in Europe.

Alvinesa Natural Ingredients upcycles and transforms plant-based coproducts into valuable natural ingredients that promote healthy living. Alvinesa sells an extensive range of natural ingredients made from wine grape pomace for use in the food, beverage, nutrition, animal nutrition and wine-making industries. The acquisition of Cades Penedes provides Alvinesa access to an excellent source of grape-based raw material that is organic produced and contains higher than average levels of polyphenols (micronutrients with antioxidant activity). These ingredient characteristics are in high demand from dietary supplement, food and beverage consumer product-makers.

Alvinesa controls a sustainable, traceable, and waste prevention supply chain. Cades Penedes will provide important supply chain diversification for Alvinesa, complementing the grape coproducts currently sourced from Spain’s abundant Castilla-La Mancha wine region. With its excellent “terroir” and conducive climate, the Penedes region produces wine grapes of outstanding quality that require little to no use of pesticides. Penedes is better-known for its Cava (sparkling wine) production and while white grape varieties predominate, the region also produces some highly regarded oak-aged red wines. Cades Penedes has supply agreements with bodegas (wineries) across the region, and its manufacturing facility will increase Alvinesa’s production capacity by up to 20 %. This will reinforce Alvinesa’s industry-leading ability to scale production to meet the growth requirements of customers.