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Together they continue to revolutionise the fruit preparation industry

Aran Group, a leading manufacturer of bag-in-box solutions, announces the successful completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in IBA Germany from previous owner Liquid Concept GmbH (LC). This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Aran’s growth journey, providing an exceptional opportunity for developing 1000-liter IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and a strong foothold in the large German market. The acquisition also positions Aran to penetrate nearby markets, including Scandinavia. The Aran-IBA operation is led by Managing Director Dan Abraham alongside Sascha Siebel, COO & Chief Engineer and a worldwide expert in BIB and food packaging.

Aran Group acquires majority stake in IBA Germany
(Photo: Aran)

Lior Mor, CEO of Aran Group, conveyed his excitement about the new acquisition: “This is a tremendous commercial, managerial, and leadership opportunity for all of us at Aran and IBA. With the support of the board and management and Aran staff, we aim to achieve significant milestones in the near future. Welcoming the latest addition to our group, IBA is officially part of the Aran Group as of January 2024, enhancing our presence in Europe. This strategic acquisition joins our existing plants in Spain, the USA, and Israel, further solidifying our global footprint. Congratulations and success to all of us at Aran and IBA on this exciting new chapter.”

“This acquisition will allow the Aran Group to become a significant player in 1000-liter aseptic packaging solutions for transporting sensitive food products”, says Dan Abraham. “It will also serve as a base of activity for the entire group in the German market and neighboring countries.

Revolutionary partnership drives industry advancements

IBA is known for its innovative solutions, based on the creative innovation led by Sascha Siebel. Headquartered in Luhne Germany IBA is a key player in the production and sale of flexible IBCs for transporting high-quality food products. The IBA Tainer aseptic IBC is a patented 1000-liter container designed for transporting liquid food. Featuring a protective cage and a disposable flexible bag. This inventive solution offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional stainless-steel containers and ensures an aseptic environment with excellent barriers to safeguard the product. This eliminates the need for complex washing and sterilisation processes, mitigating the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of the valuable contents. Beyond its economic advantages, IBA Tainer is a significantly lighter solution, reducing the required energy during the entire value chain.

Aran’s partnership with IBA, spanning 10 years, has facilitated mutual growth. The acquisition of IBA by Aran is expected to intensify market penetration in Europe, particularly in Germany, where the bag-in-box market generates 45-50 million euros. It will enable Aran to leverage its global network for exporting IBA products beyond Germany, using both the unique tap and IBA Tainer. The deal also lays the groundwork for expanding into neighboring markets.

Aran and IBA’s combined capabilities and technology are expected to drive substantial growth in the coming years.

As part of the business expansion strategy in the global market, Duas Rodas Industrial SA announces the acquisition of tropextrakt GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt (Germany). The German company, founded in 2002, also has an office in Poland. Specialising in the import and distribution of extracts and juices used in the food, beverage and nutritional supplement industries, tropextrakt GmbH will continue its operations as normal.

The transition process will use the same principles of integrity and transparency that have guided the commercial partnership between the two companies for more than 20 years, ensuring maintenance and synergy of the activities.

Founded 98 years ago by a German immigrant couple in Brazil, Duas Rodas Industrial is a Latin American leader in the manufacture of ingredients for the food and beverage industry, with a customer base of more than 10 thousand customers and a portfolio of more than 3 thousand items. The company currently has three factories in Brazil – in Jaraguá do Sul/SC, São Bernardo do Campo/SP and Estância/SE -, three manufacturing units in other Latin American countries – Chile, Colombia and Mexico – and commercial offices in the USA and China.

Duas Rodas Industrial´s goal is to enhance the partnerships, strengths and portfolios of both companies and transform tropextrakt GmbH into a Research and Innovation Center for expansion in the European market, creating new opportunities in products and technologies.

Britvic plc announced the acquisition of the Extra Power energy drink brand in Brazil from GlobalBev. This marks an important extension of Britvic’s Brazilian operations, consistent with Britvic’s strategy to accelerate and expand its presence across Brazil.

With 42% market share in its core regions near Brasilia, Extra Power enables access to the fast-growing, high-margin energy category. In addition, the acquisition includes a modern, efficient warehouse in Brasilia that will enhance Britvic’s supply chain efficiency across its wider portfolio and route to market into Brazil’s Centre-West region. In the year to December 2022, the acquired portfolio generated R$118m of net sales, growing 26 % on the previous year.

Simon Litherland, Chief Executive Officer commented: “I am delighted by this acquisition, which enables us to enter the higher-margin energy category in Brazil. In line with our strategy to accelerate and expand our presence in the country, we will access a growing category, extend our regional presence and deliver efficiencies in our supply chain. I am confident this acquisition will accelerate our growth trajectory in one of our key markets and generate great value for our business.”

This acquisition gives Britvic a meaningful presence in Centre-West region (Distrito Federal & Goias), providing the opportunity to scale its existing brands into a region where the business has historically under-indexed, as well as bring the acquired brand into Britvic’s existing footprint.

Britvic first entered the Brazilian market in 2015 with the acquisition of Ebba, followed by the acquisition of Bela Ischia in 2017. Since then, Britvic has developed fruit favourites such as Maguary, Dafruta and Bela Ischia into strong national presences known for innovation.

The Maguary brand heritage dates back to 1953 and, similar to the European flavour concentrates brands, is consumed by families at home. This heritage and family awareness enabled Fruit Shoot to be launched in Brazil as Maguary Fruit Shoot – following the same principle Britvic has followed in Europe, where Robinsons and Teisseire are the halo brands. More recently the local team has expanded the brand’s presence further launching a plant-based chocolate drink. New category launches in recent years have included Puro Coco and Natural Tea, both of which are ready-to-drink formats in the coconut and iced tea categories. The expansion of the portfolio continued in 2020.

Dafruta Tropical was launched in the flavour concentrates category, utilising the technical know-how of the Robinsons formulation. This new range uses real fruit, has a range of flavours and is pre-sweetened, differentiating it from the traditional concentrates in Brazil which require sugar to be added by the consumer. More recently the portfolio has expanded with the launch of Britvic Mixers and the premium Mathieu Teisseire range of concentrates for cocktails.

The growth market for fruit drinks in Brazil is perfectly complemented by Britvic’s fruit growing and fruit processing company, Be Ingredient, providing natural ingredients for Britvic and the international market.

In the financial year 2022, Britvic generated £143m of revenue in Brazil.

The acquisition of Extra Power will be funded from existing internal resources and external debt facilities.

The acquisition will require regulatory clearance but is expected to be completed around the start of Britvic’s next financial year in October 2023.

Doehler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food, beverage and lifescience & nutrition industry acquires Boon Flavors, located in Bangkok, Thailand, and strengthens its presence in Southeast Asia.

Doehler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions announces the acquisition of Boon Flavors, a renowned premium flavour house located in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of this acquisition, Boon Flavors will be known as Doehler Thailand going forward and be managed by its founder, Piya Boonnamkitsawad.

In 2018, Boon built a state-of-the-art flavour plant in Bangkok. Leveraging its proprietary technologies, the company has developed a great variety of local flavour tonalities that perfectly extends Doehler’s global taste portfolio. Boon will have access to all of Doehler’s cutting-edge taste technologies and, together with Doehler’s application labs in Indonesia and Thailand, global and local customers can expect to benefit from enhanced services and a more extensive product portfolio in the region.

Consumers are looking for exceptional sensory experiences in nutrition; superior taste, a perfect appearance and well-balanced mouthfeel play a significant role for consumers when choosing their products, ultimately guiding their preferences towards a better human nutrition.

Boon’s premium variety of local flavours, now integrated into Doehler’s global taste portfolio, contributes perfectly to this trend providing superior natural flavours to the food, beverage and lifescience & nutrition industry. This strategic acquisition further strengthens Doehler’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers and consumers for excellent and remarkable tasty, healthy and sustainable solutions.

Alvinesa Natural Ingredients has successfully acquired Genosa. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Alvinesa’s growth strategy and strengthens its position as a key player in the upcycled natural ingredients market.

Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is a “circular economy” leader of sustainable plant-based ingredients. Alvinesa upcycles and transforms agricultural coproducts from wine industry into valuable natural ingredients for the Food, Beverage, Animal Health and Nutraceutical industries. With a rich heritage and years of expertise, Alvinesa has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality natural ingredients to customers worldwide.

Alvinesa’s portfolio of natural ingredients is the result of years of research and development, driven by its belief in harnessing the power of nature to deliver valuable ingredients. Among its esteemed offerings is the flagship brand, Vintera, which focuses on grape extract rich in polyphenols. The Vintera brand has gained recognition for its exceptional quality, food protection capabilities and the numerous health benefits associated with its polyphenol content. In addition, its portfolio includes natural colour, grape seed oil, natural flavour (wine concentrate) and natural tartaric acid.

Genosa stands as a global leader and trailblazing company in the production and commercialisation of upcycled natural hydroxytyrosol (Hytolive®) derived from olive fruit. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has made substantial investments in human expertise and financial resources, prioritizing the production of premium natural extracts and delivering added value to its valued customers.

A true pioneer, Genosa was the first to introduce high-purity natural hydroxytyrosol extracts derived from olive fruit. Their patented international process utilises only physical and mechanical methods, ensuring the utmost quality and environmental responsibility by abstaining from the use of solvents in the extraction of hydroxytyrosol.

This acquisition presents a unique opportunity for Alvinesa Natural Ingredients to further expand its ingredient range and leverage the synergies between both companies to drive innovation and customer value.

As part of the integration process, Alvinesa will be exploring ways to leverage Genosa’s expertise and technologies to enhance its existing product range.

CCL Industries, a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions, announced it has signed a binding agreement to acquire Pouch Partners s.r.l. Italy (“Pouch Partners”) from Pouch Partners AG Switzerland, a company owned by Swiss headquartered Capri-Sun Group.

Pouch Partners, currently a provider of flexible laminates to the Capri Sun Group to make its iconic Capri Sun pouches, has been operating as a family owned business for the last 50 years and has been part of the Capri Sun Group since October 2017.

Guenther Birkner, President of CCL Label Food & Beverage, commented: “Pouches are a packaging format we’ve looked at for a long time as an adjacency to our label and sleeve decorating technologies with a similar modus operandi. Our common customers see them as an interesting alternative to rigid containers with labels. Pouch Partners has highly focused, deep know-how for these materials, a solid foundation to enter this market. If our investment is successful in Europe, there could be interest to develop the product line globally, alongside our decorative label portfolio”

Since several years there has been a lot of development and innovation in the packaging market with the goal to make packaging more reusable and recyclable to support a circular economy. One major trend has been to provide a refillable solution for the parent packaging. Typically the parent packaging is a more premium bottle or container and the pouches provide the refill option. The new business will then trade as CCL Specialty Pouches and become an integral part of CCL Label’s Food & Beverage division.

“There are opportunities to utilise this technology in the Food & Beverage and the Home & Personal Care spaces and interesting potential to design new, sustainable, barrier films at our sister company Innovia Films who are experts in material science and develop the packaging materials of the future. We see many of our global brand customers turn to alternative packaging solutions to substitute packaging that has a high carbon footprint, pouches provide a lightweight solution.” says Reinhard Streit, Vice President & Managing Director Food & Beverage Europe.

Pouches, made from flexible material, are designed to minimise the use of packaging materials. They are very light and reduce the ecological footprint during transportation and storage. They have an outstanding packaging-to-product ratio compared to rigid packaging types and the shape and the format can be adjusted to exactly fit the product volume resulting in material savings*. CCL is working with its sustainability partners along the whole value chain with organisations like CELAB, Plastic Recycler’s Europe and RecyClass to make sure the pouches can and will be recycled.

“After the development of our recyclable pouch for Capri Sun with the help of Pouch Partners, it was time to focus again on our core business: Beverages. Divesting the business to CCL, a large and successful player in packaging, makes a lot of sense for the future. We are excited to continue to partner with CCL, now as a strategic customer, and will for sure benefit from their deep expertise, R&D resource and worldwide presence”, said Roland Weening, CEO of the Capri Sun Group and Chairman of Pouch Partners AG.

*Source: Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE)

The Sidel Group expands its offering in state-of-the-art labelling technologies and broadens its reach in key market segments. This will ignite a further phase of international development for Makro Labelling Srl, an innovator and leader in the field.

We are excited to be able to offer enriched labelling expertise and even greater flexibility to our customers, strengthening our position in labelling solutions and broadening our reach in dynamic markets such as wine, spirits, food, home and personal care. We will capitalize on the success already reached by Makro Labelling built on expertise, innovation and operational agility. The low and medium- speed modular labelling machines made by Makro will complement our leading higher-speed technologies that are manufactured in our factory in Mantova, Italy and integrated into Sidel’s packaging lines. We extend a very warm welcome to all Makro Labelling employees now joining the Sidel Group”, said Monica Gimre, CEO & President at Sidel.

Sidel has been developing labelling solutions for the past 40 years. It is present in Mantova with its own labelling plant where it has advanced its labelling technologies, reaching speeds of 90,000 containers per hour, that are well-integrated into Sidel’s complete lines and Super Combi series.

New phase of development and growth

“Joining forces with Sidel is an opportunity for further development and growth for Makro Labelling. After the acquisition, Makro will maintain its full autonomy as a unit of the Sidel Group and will continue to operate independently from its current headquarters. At the same time, we will be able to leverage and develop interesting synergies, exchange best practices, and offer an even richer experience for our employees and a broader portfolio to our customers. We are excited to embark on this new chapter of our adventure”, said Simone Marcantoni, Managing Director at Makro Labelling.

Makro Labelling is a modular labelling machine company that was founded in 2009 by five partners who are still forerunners in the company today and bring 30 years of experience to the table. Makro’s machines can label up to five items per bottle in cold glue, hot glue, self-adhesive, and combination versions. Sidel’s pairing with Makro, a company which has grown rapidly with worldwide reach, offers a key opportunity for both parties. The company is based in Goito (Mantova, Italy) and employs over 120 people.

EARI Beverage Group, a diversified beverage and media group, announces the acquisition of the Blossom Botanical Water Brand.

Adding to the EARI Beverage Group portfolio, the acquisition of Blossom Botanical Water expands the footprint in the functional and craft beverage market segments. The Blossom brand fits perfectly with EARI’s strategy of identifying and acquiring brands in high-growth categories that have proven operating models and clear consumer acceptance. Blossom is credited with creating a new sub-category of plant-based waters using botanicals. The brand has distribution along the US East Coast and Midwest and has generated roughly USD 4 million in gross sales since inception.

About Blossom Botanical Water
Founded in Massachusetts 10 years ago and inspired by nature, Blossom Botanical Water is distinguished by its use of flower botanicals as a key flavour component across its portfolio of products. At only 20 calories per 16.9 oz bottle, it’s a delicious, healthy alternative to both plain water and high-sugar sodas or juices. Blossom infuses pure spring water with the taste and aroma extracted from real blossoms, then uses a complementary fruit to create five hand-crafted unique flavours of distinctive appeal: Lemon Rose, Plum Jasmine, Mango Hibiscus, Pomegranate Geranium and Grapefruit Lilac. Blossom Water is further enhanced for your health by providing scientifically proven benefit to strengthen immunity, the body’s best defense for maintaining wellness and vitality. Each bottle contains as much immune system support as 1 billion CFUs of probiotic from the strain Bacillus coagulants GBI-30 6086. Blossom Water’s drinks are certified non-GMO and free of gluten, caffeine, and sodium. They have no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives, and they are kosher and vegan.

Celerant Capital, a specialised private equity sponsor, announced the acquisition of Krier Foods, a fifth-generation family-owned beverage company.

Founded in 1908, Krier is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages packaged in aluminum cans. Krier has a long history of driving canned beverage innovation through its Jolly Good brand and providing high quality contract manufacturing services for its customers’ portfolio of established and emerging brands. Krier’s production of carbonated sodas dates to the beginnings of the package format in the 1960s. With decades of institutional knowledge and a modern facility, Krier will continue its legacy of quality, service, and enabling its customers’ growth. Krier’s dedicated team and culture of excellence will continue to be the foundation of the Company’s success.

Krier announced the appointment of John Kowalchik, formerly CEO of Baxters North America and a veteran co-manufacturing leader, as its new CEO. Former CEO, John Rassel, who will continue as an advisor to the Company, will transition out of the day-to-day leadership of the Company to pursue charitable and community opportunities in Southeast Wisconsin. The senior leadership team of Krier will continue to lead it from its headquarters in Random Lake, WI (US).

Celerant Capital is a specialised private equity sponsor led by food manufacturing industry veterans that focuses exclusively on investing in food, beverage and enabling technologies. With highly-experienced senior industry professionals, Celerant focuses on acquiring businesses with competitive advantages and significant opportunities for value creation.

Bolthouse Farms, portfolio company of Butterfly, aligns powerhouse juice brands to propel Evolution Fresh forward; Starbucks to focus efforts on the growth of its core business

Starbucks and Bolthouse Farms announced entry into a definitive agreement for Bolthouse Farms to acquire the brand and business of Evolution Fresh. The partners (employees) that support the business will also transition to Bolthouse Farms upon close of the transaction.

Evolution Fresh is a leading producer of primarily organic, cold-pressed, premium juice products. By joining forces with Bolthouse Farms – the No. 1 super premium refrigerated beverage brand and largest carrot supplier to North American retailers1 – Evolution Fresh will have the opportunity to accelerate its growth trajectory while Starbucks focuses its efforts on the growth of the core Starbucks business and its partner and customer experience.

“Evolution Fresh has grown steadily over the last several years as a result of our partners’ hard work and commitment to the brand. We feel there is a great runway and opportunity to take Evolution Fresh to the next level, and Bolthouse Farms’ considerable experience and success in the premium beverage category will allow the brand to continue growing,” said Hans Melotte, Starbucks executive vice president Global Channel Development. “Bolthouse Farms shares the same values and commitment to putting people first in everything they do, which affirms for us that we have found the right opportunity for Evolution Fresh.”

Through this acquisition, Bolthouse Farms will expand its beverage offerings from nutrient-dense, plant-powered juices and smoothies to include a full lineup of primarily organic cold-pressed, premium juices. Starbucks stores in the U.S. will continue to sell Evolution Fresh products.

“Evolution Fresh is a natural extension of the Bolthouse Farms portfolio and we look forward to welcoming the team,” said Jeff Dunn, chairman and chief executive officer of Bolthouse Farms. “At Bolthouse Farms, with the support of Butterfly, we strive to ensure that the acres we grow and beverages we make have a positive impact on the land, on the people who make up our company, and on all people. By bringing Evolution Fresh into our portfolio, we will extend our spirit of ingenuity and innovation, sharing resources and passion for high-quality, nutrient-dense juices to pioneer solutions for today’s food system.”

Butterfly is a leading private equity firm that specializes in the food sector with a particular focus on high-growth, on-trend categories. Through Bolthouse Farms, Evolution Fresh joins Butterfly’s brand portfolio that includes the likes of Chosen Foods, MaryRuth Organics, Orgain, and Pete and Gerry’s Organics.

“We have long admired the Evolution Fresh brand and see tremendous untapped potential in the premium beverage category. By bringing these powerhouse brands together — Bolthouse Farms and Evolution Fresh — we will deliver a robust, high-growth, and consumer-preferred portfolio of juices to market,” said Bill Levisay, president, Consumer Brands, Bolthouse Farms.

The transaction, which is for an undisclosed amount, is expected to close later this year.

About Bolthouse Farms
For more than a century, Bolthouse Farms has been known as the innovation leader in growing and distributing carrots and high-quality, nutrient-dense branded products. Employing more than 2,200 people and headquartered in Bakersfield in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Bolthouse Farms is one of the largest carrot growers and distributors in the U.S. and the No. 1 premium refrigerated beverage brand in U.S. retail. Guided by its purpose — Ingenuity Grows Good — the company also produces and sells super-premium juices, smoothies, café beverages, protein shakes, functional beverages and premium refrigerated dressings, all under the Bolthouse Farms® brand name.

1SOURCE: IRI MULO L52 weeks ending May 1, 2022

Bucher Unipektin is acquiring 100 % of the Czech company Denwel, a supplier of specialised cold block equipment to breweries. With the acquisition, Bucher Unipektin – one of the world leading suppliers of beer filtration systems – further strengthens its beer processing capabilities and technologies.

Denwel spol. s r.o., a privately held Czech company founded in 1997, designs, manufactures and installs specialised engineered cold block equipment for breweries and generated net sales of EUR 7 million in 2020. The company is located in Prague with a manufacturing site in Havlickuv Brod.

Bucher Unipektin, a Swiss based business unit of Bucher Industries AG, is a globally leading manufacturer of systems and components for the juice industry and for the filtration of beer. The business unit is operating globally with production sites in Switzerland, Spain, Germany and China supported by a global distribution network and own sales and service organisations in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, New Zealand and Mexico.

With this acquisition, Bucher Unipektin is in the position to supply its brewery customers with entire cold block processing lines, complementing its high-tech beer filtration systems with Denwel’s water deaeration, blending, carbonation, nitrogenation, dosing, CIP and flash pasteurization systems.

All employees and the very dedicated management team, which are already well-known to Bucher Unipektin through a three-year cooperation, will remain in place and operate under the new name Bucher Denwel spol. s r.o. providing an enhanced global after-sales service to its customers.

BillerudKorsnäs invests in the area of recycling as it acquires a minority holding in the innovative company Recycl3R. The company has developed a digital solution to increase recycling rates of single use packaging. A product that can be used globally.

The investment is made by BillerudKorsnäs’ wholly owned subsidiary BillerudKorsnäs Venture AB, which invests in young and innovative companies with solutions that will influence the future for packaging.

Waste production is one of the largest environmental problems that society faces today, and solving it is a big challenge. In Europe alone we produce 240 million tons of waste, and only 44 % is recycled. BillerudKorsnäs shares our vision of solving this global challenge and is an excellent partner and investor for Recycl3R, says Ivan Gonzalez, environmental lawyer and Co-founder of Recycl3R.

Recycl3R builds a database with information about what packaging material different consumer products consist of. They also understand the different recycling regulations and requirements around the world. This knowledge is used to guide consumers to the nearest recycling station and help them recycle correctly. The solution also makes it possible for producers and distributors to give consumers incentive to recycle more with gamification and by connecting value such as deposits or loyalty points to the different packaging materials.

The team behind Recycl3R has a background in environmental consulting, and the system was developed partly within the European “TagitSmart” project. It has caught the interest of international retailers and brands with a mission to get more material back into recycling streams. Carrefour Spain has successfully implemented the solution and more customers and markets are in the pipeline.

Packaging recycling is an area that we believe will be increasingly important in order to solve the environmental challenges ahead. Sustainability and digitalization connected to packaging are strategic focus-areas for BillerudKorsnäs Venture, and Recyc3R presents a very interesting opportunity based on their combined expertise in both areas, says Martin Neselius, Venture Manager at BillerudKorsnäs Venture.

There are already steps taken towards more legislation and restrictions regarding single use products, and we believe this development will continue. There is still a lot of work to do in order to ensure that more packaging enters the recycling stream and is recycled into new products. Recycl3R’s product supports increased and cleaner recycling streams for this purpose”, says Martin Neselius.

DDW, The Color House, is pleased to announce that on June 28, 2019 it completed a transaction to acquire the DuPont Natural Colors business which was part of DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences division.  The acquisition expands DDW’s global reach and adds technical and manufacturing capabilities in several core natural colors.

DDW adds two DuPont manufacturing facilities (Burton-on-Trent, UK and Santiago, Chile) and all related customer contracts. The expanded business will operate under the “DDW, The Color House” brand. DuPont originally acquired the business in 2017 as part of their acquisition of FMC’s Health & Nutrition business.

“This is the perfect opportunity to expand our portfolio with unique new products and  deepen our position in blending and emulsions. The associates at both sites are very experienced and will ensure that we can continue to provide outstanding products and services during the transition,” explains Ted Nixon, CEO of DDW.

New Age Beverages Corporation, the Colorado and Utah-based organic and natural beverages company intending to become the world’s leading healthy beverages and lifestyles company, announced the signing of a definitive agreement to purchase Brands Within Reach (BWR), including the brand licensing and distribution rights to Nestea, Volvic, Illy Ready to Drink Coffee, and other healthy brands.

The combination with Brands Within Reach brings the scale of New Age to over $320 million and further adds to its bottom line profitability. BWR and New Age together will have the most extensive one-stop-shop of healthy beverages available to any foodservice or retail customer in North America, with an extensive low-cost national distribution and logistics footprint.

Brent Willis, CEO of New Age commented, “We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Olivier’s caliber joining New Age, along with the rest of his very powerful team. Adding Illy, Nestea, Evian and Volvic into our offerings is incredible, and adding the marketing, sales, and distribution capabilities of BWR to New Age is equally as impacting.”

Olivier Sonnois founded Brands Within Reach in 2003, following significant success as a senior executive with Danone. Since that time he has built BWR into a highly respected brand incubator, and has nurtured numerous globally recognized brands to success in North America through leverage of BWR’s extensive marketing, sales, distribution capabilities and retailer relationships. BWR owns key licensing and distribution rights in the United States for healthy positioned and fast growing beverages such as Nestea Ready to Drink teas, Volvic Natural Spring Water, Illy Ready to Drink Coffee in retail channels, Evian Natural Spring Water in the Natural Channel and Found Sparkling beverages , Kusmi Tea, Saint-Géron Sparkling Water and select natural and organic snacks such as Nature Addicts, Grand-Mere, Lucien Georgelin and La Mere Poulard.

“We are extremely excited to become part of New Age”, commented Mr. Sonnois. “They are the fastest growing beverage company in the industry for a good reason. Our visions to make a difference for consumers with healthier products are completely aligned, and I am honored to be leading the newly integrated group as President of the Brands Division. The combination of our brands, teams and infrastructure is unique and best in class, and a great value for our customers to work with one major company who can provide them with a full portfolio of growth brands in growth categories underpinned by superior execution and brand support.”

About Brands Within Reach
Brands Within Reach is a New York-based healthy products company dedicated to offering healthy innovative drinking and eating alternatives to consumers. The group operates a national hybrid distribution platform with marketing, merchandising and a full set of organizational capabilities and owns the licensing and distribution rights to worldwide known brands such as Nestea, Volvic, Evian and Illy Ready to Drink Coffee and others.

About New Age Beverages Corporation
New Age Beverages Corporation is a Colorado and Utah-based healthy beverage company dedicated to inspiring and educating consumers to “live healthy”. The Company is the only omni-channel company with access to traditional retail, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, and medical channels across 60 countries around the world. New Age is also the only one-stop-shop of healthy beverages and includes the brands Tahitian Noni, TeMana, Búcha Live Kombucha, XingTea, Coco-Libre, Marley, and others. New Age competes in the growth segments of the >$1 trillion-dollar non-alcoholic beverage industry and has become one of the 40 largest non-alcoholic beverage companies, one of the largest healthy beverage companies, and the fastest growing in the world over the past three years. The Company’s brands are sold across all 50 states within the US and in more than 60 countries internationally across all channels via a hybrid of direct-to-consumer and traditional distribution and route-to-market systems.

Döhler Group and Zumos Catalano Aragoneses S.A. (ZUCASA) have reached an agreement on the acquisition of the majority of shares in ZUCASA by the Döhler Group. With immediate effect, Döhler will manage ZUCASA’s juice production facility located in the Huesca region through its subsidiary Döhler Fraga S.L.

For Döhler, this transaction marks another great step forward in one of Europe’s largest fruit production areas. Customers will benefit from a more diverse offering in the stone fruits segment as well as in apples and pears; furthermore, the combined businesses will offer greater efficiency in a global market with regard to customised all-in-one solutions.

ZUCASA’s extensive expertise and ability to provide fruit and vegetable juices, purees and concentrates for food and beverages, combined with the broad product portfolio and the comprehensive industry knowledge of the Döhler Group, will create unique synergy effects. In the coming years, Döhler Group aims to set a benchmark within the sector and develop a plan of expansion and sustainable growth within its business model.


Zumos Catalano Aragoneses S.A. is a producer of juices, purees and sweet fruit concentrates, vegetables and plants located in the region of Fraga (Huesca), with operations at the heart of Spain’s largest production area of sweet fruit between Huesca and Lleida. It has facilities spanning more than 24,000 m2 over an area of 168,000 m2, with capacity to store 32,000 m3 of natural fruit juices, purees and concentrates. ZUCASA began production in 2010 with three lines for processing fruits and vegetables: two of which for purees and a third for juices. Currently, it employs an average of 50 workers on permanent contracts, reaching 150 workers during high season. The company’s commitment to quality in production has been confirmed by the international certifications BRC, IFS, SGF, Kosher, FDA and others, which in turn have enabled it to expand internationally, with more than 60 % of revenues coming from exports.