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A new hard iced tea, bound to delight tea lovers everywhere in the US, is entering the market! Made with real brewed Lipton tea, natural fruit flavours and a triple-filtered, premium malt base, Lipton Hard Iced Tea takes America’s favourite tea and reimagines it as a 5 % ABV non-carbonated product. This great tasting and refreshing hard iced tea is launching in four just-sweet-enough flavours that are inspired by Lipton tea fan favourites: Lemon, Peach, Half & Half and Strawberry.

About the flavours

All four flavours are made with real brewed Lipton tea:

  • Lemon: Tart lemon flavour and smooth Lipton iced tea combine in this classic 5 % ABV flavour.
  • Peach: Juicy peach flavour makes this fruity, 5 % ABV hard iced tea stand out in the crowd.
  • Strawberry: A balanced blend of ripe strawberry flavour, 5 % ABV and smooth Lipton iced tea for sunshine-ready sipping.
  • Half & Half: Lipton iced tea meets the just-sweet-enough flavour of lemonade in this refreshing 5 % ABV hard iced tea blend.