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In June, the Swiss packaging solution provider SIG marked another milestone in its long history – 170 years of operation. Founded in 1853 and headquartered in Neuhausen, Switzerland, the company took the opportunity to look back on its impressive history of ingenuity and innovation, visit its present, and explore the exciting potential the future holds. Moreover, the event enabled customers and employees to experience firsthand what SIG stands for today and will stand for tomorrow: SIG – for better.

The first celebratory event on June 17th centered on residents from Neuhausen’s local community, who were invited to SIG’s industrial area and headquarters to explore the facility and enjoy a food festival.

On June 20th, customers from all over the world participated in an exclusive event that included a tour through the ages from SIG’s perspective and a celebratory dinner. The final event occurred two days later on June 22nd when SIG leaders arrived for an intensive two-day leadership meeting.

Samuel Sigrist, CEO, SIG: “Being in operation for 170 years is something to celebrate and it was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the spirit of SIG to our global customers and employees. The events reinforced the fact that while SIG has evolved over time, one aspect of our company has always remained the same, our commitment to delivering better for customers, consumers, and the world.”

Today, SIG is a leading provider of sustainable, innovative, and versatile packaging solutions. The company works in partnership with customers to bring food products to consumers globally in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way. In 1906 its long journey in food packaging began with packaging chocolates.

The first beverage carton and filling machine was launched in Europe in 1930, while it was not until 1955 that Scholle, now part of SIG, invented the revolutionary bag-in-box format that transformed distribution of liquid storage.

In 1975, beverage carton provider PKL introduced its combibloc aseptic packaging and filling system. SIG acquired PKL in 1989, creating a pathway for growth in aseptic packaging. At the beginning of this century, SIG decided to focus entirely on its packaging business and has since become one of the industry’s lead players. Joining forces with Scholle IPN and Evergreen Asia in 2022 extended its range to now include fresh and aseptic carton, bag-in-box, and spouted pouches.

SIG today is a leading sustainable packaging solutions provider and the world’s only system supplier covering carton, spouted pouch, and bag-in-box. The company’s versatile technology and capacity for product innovation means customers benefit from a wide range of solutions across categories and channels, which address consumer, market, and planet needs with responsibility, flexibility, speed, and affordability.

The company is committed to working towards net positivity and has split its sustainability initiatives into four core areas: Climate+, Forest+, Resource+, and Food+. To date, this commitment has seen SIG leading its industry in responsible sourcing and sustainable innovations.

All this reflects the spirit of SIG’s brand promise, “For better”. The phrase inspires its innovation of sustainable solutions and pioneering technology, all to transform its customers’ businesses and the world for better.