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The non-pretentious, 100 % juice that’s disrupting the status quo in the juice aisle.

Introducing Revl Fruits, a new premium juice brand. Revl Fruits was born to fill the “joy gap” in the premium juice market – a market that often asks consumers to compromise value and taste. Revl Fruits is the joyful, bright, flavour-bursting antidote to its dusty counterparts with attributes consumers desire – 100 % juice, 25 % less sugar* no GMOs or added sugar.

Crafted with a splash of coconut water, Revl Fruits’ 100 % juice range is meant to be enjoyed morning, noon, and night, served chilled, or included in your favourite concoction. The four flavours include:

  • Boldly Cran: Packed with cranberries’ bold, tangy essence and naturally low sugar, Boldy Cran spotlights the naturally rich flavour of cranberries.
  • Tart Cherry: Tart Cherry is a celebration of this vibrant fruit. Each sip delivers the distinctive tartness that cherry enthusiasts crave.
  • Berry Wild: A fusion of nature’s most vibrant superfruits, cranberry, pomegranate, and açaí, Berry Wild is crafted to perfection and straight-up yum.
  • Truly Tropical: Featuring an enchanting blend of pineapple and mango, Truly Tropical will take you on a vacation with each sip.

Revl Fruits was designed with the planet in mind; it’s one of the only shelf-stable juices available in a 32 oz. Tetra Pak® carton. More than 70 % of the weight of the carton is made of paperboard, and the cap is made of bio-based plastic derived from plant-based renewable materials.

“For a long time, consumers have been forced to choose between products that fit their wellness lifestyle and meet their sustainability values while conceding on taste, joy, and value,” said Christina Zwicky, Head of Brand Marketing for Revl Fruits. “Revl Fruits believes that premium juice doesn’t have to mean heavy glass bottles, excessive pricing, a boring experience, or lackluster taste. Revl Fruits allows consumers to celebrate the joy of juice without the compromise.”

Recently, Revl Fruits flexed its brand ethos in a way that was as bold as its fruit. In LA, a town known for constantly changing health and wellness fads, Revl Fruits launched two billboards that declared that “good juice shouldn’t cost $15.” The billboards remarked on the cultural truth that good-for-you premium juices are becoming prohibitively expensive to the average consumer, further widening the compromise shoppers must make between value and wellness.

Depending on flavour, Revl Fruits SRPs are between $4 – $8. All flavours are available on, select Save Mart locations, and Gelson’s Market, and will be rolling out to additional retail stores in the US throughout 2024.

*Revl Fruits juices have at least 25 % less sugar (21 g sugar per 8 FL OZ) compared to the leading brand of 100 % juice (28 g sugar per 8 FL OZ)

About Revl Fruits
Revl Fruits™ is a premium juice brand designed to be refreshingly different. The premium juices are available in four varieties: Boldly Cran™, Tart Cherry, Berry Wild, and Truly Tropical. Revl Fruits was designed with the planet in mind, with Tetra Pak® packaging made from mostly plant-based materials. All products contain a splash of coconut water, are 100 % juice, have 25 % less sugar than leading competitors, and have no GMOs or added sugar. Revl Fruits is a product of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Tropicana introduces “Tropcn”, a new limited-edition packaging – now with the letters “AI” removed from their name – to celebrate the leading orange juice brand’s1 natural ingredients, highlighting the fact that there is nothing artificial, and never has been anything artificial, in Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. America’s favourite OJ2 has been made from natural oranges, picked at the pinnacle of ripeness, and squeezed within 24 hours to create 100 % juice for more than 75 years.

Each week, there seems to be a new development in artificial intelligence. Each new AI advancement seemingly brings us closer to the artificial world and further from the natural. Consumer intrigue, and even concern, is high. In fact, searches for “What is AI?” increased by 643 % from 2022 to 20233. So, to celebrate the natural ingredients and nothing artificial in Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice, Tropicana is heading to the biggest consumer electronics event, CES 2024 (January 9-11), to release a limited-edition package of “Tropcn” Pure Premium orange juice.

“Our limited-edition run of ‘Tropcn’ orange juice bottles represents our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality 100 % orange juice to Americans,” said Monica McGurk, CEO of Tropicana Brands Group’s North American business unit. “Since 1954, Tropicana has been at the forefront, innovating ways to bring fresh-tasting orange juice from natural oranges to breakfast tables nationwide. Artificial just isn’t in our DNA.”

Not attending CES 2024 in Las Vegas? Tropicana has hidden bottles of “Tropcn” across participating Kroger Family of Stores in the US. If you find a bottle in the wild, scan the code and enter for a chance to win a trip to the original orange juice state, Florida.

Tropcn was created in partnership with Tropicana’s creative agency of record, Cramer-Krasselt, PR agency of record, MullenLowe PR, and social agency of record MullenLowe US.

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The health effects of 100 % fruit and vegetable juices (FVJ) represent a controversial topic. FVJ contain notable amounts of free sugars, but also vitamins, minerals, and secondary compounds with proven biological activities like (poly)phenols and carotenoids. The review aimed to shed light on the potential impact of 100 % FVJ on human subject health, comprehensively assessing the role each type of juice may have in specific health outcomes for a particular target population, as reported in dietary interventions. The effects of a wide range of FVJ (orange, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, apple, white, red, and Concord grapes, pomegranate, cranberry, chokeberry, blueberry, other minor berries, sweet and tart cherry, plum, tomato, carrot, beetroot, and watermelon, among others) were evaluated on a series of outcomes (anthropometric parameters, body composition, blood pressure and vascular function, lipid profile, glucose homeostasis, biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress, cognitive function, exercise performance, gut microbiota composition and bacterial infections), providing a thorough picture of the contribution of each FVJ to a health outcome. Some juices demonstrated their ability to exert potential preventive effects on some outcomes while others on other health outcomes, emphasising how the differential composition in bioactive compounds defines juice effects. Research gaps and future prospects were discussed. Although 100 % FVJ appear to have beneficial effects on some cardiometabolic health outcomes, cognition and exercise performance, or neutral effects on anthropometric parameters and body composition, further efforts are needed to better understand the impact of 100 % FVJ on human subject health.

Please download the Open Access article under:

(Source: Cambridge University)

Pangea Natural Foods Inc., announced the launch of its latest product, 100 % locally sourced blueberry juice. This refreshing and nutritious beverage is made with exceptional quality and has a remarkable 8-month shelf life.

The blueberry juice is cold-pressed, resulting in a richer and more nutritious product. In addition, Pangea Natural Foods has partnered with a renowned leader in the field of high-pressure processing (HPP). This process allows for the elimination of harmful pathogens without the need for heat or artificial preservatives. As a result, consumers can enjoy Pangea Natural Foods blueberry juice knowing that it maintains its nutritional integrity while remaining safe for consumption.

Looking forward, Pangea Natural Foods continues to prioritise innovation and sustainability, striving to develop products that nourish both individuals and the planet.

About Pangea Natural Foods Inc.
Pangea Natural Foods is a Vancouver (CAN) based natural foods company that manufactures and distributes high quality food products that are nutritious and free of GMO ingredients, fillers, antibiotics, hormones, and bioengineered ingredients. Pangea offers a broad range of great tasting, innovative food products that are sustainably sourced and “Powered by the Earth”.
Pangea’s signature products include the Pangea Plant-Based Patties, Pangea Old Fashioned Ghee, Pangea Energy Gel and the Pangea Munchie Mix, which are available on the Company’s website and in over 500 leading national retail food stores including Loblaws, Save-on-Foods, Sobeys, IGA Marketplace, Fresh Street Market, Choices Markets, Whole Foods and on select Air Canada and WestJet flights.
Pangea has partnered with world renowned food scientists to formulate its high-quality food products. All products are manufactured in-house at its state-of-the-art facility, and then packaged and distributed through Pangea’s retail and wholesale network and also on the website of the company.

Dole Sunshine is synonymous with good taste and good health across the world. With its entry into the India market in 2019, the brand now offers a wide array of deliciously guilt-free offerings including dried fruits, Dole juice gels and fruit bowls. Dole Sunshine actively supports the idea of fresh, natural flavours based on real fruits. In keeping with this festival timing, Dole Sunshine India is all ‘juiced up’ to launch Dole 100 % Fruit Juice – a refreshing pineapple drink enriched with Vitamin C.

In a huge market for juices, most of the packed fruit juices contain added sugar and preservatives along with the fruit pulp, whereas Dole is introducing 100 % Pineapple Juice which is all-natural with no added sugar or artificial preservatives. This successfully makes it one of the very few juice offerings in the market that does not contain added sugar. What’s more, its zesty pineapple flavour with vitamin C fortification makes it a terrific choice when looking for a pick-me-up during work, a fresh drink after a workout or if one simply want to pour the kids a tall glass of all-natural fruit juice.

As a brand, Dole Sunshine India has always believed in the wholesome goodness of fruits and this new beverage launch perfectly ties in with their principles. “At Dole, we believe that fruits are real powerhouses of nutrition. As an F&B brand, it is our duty to leverage this goodness for our consumers, so that they can incorporate such healthy changes in their daily lives. Moreover, we’ve always been against the idea of added preservatives or flavours, since our offerings have always been pure and packed with nutrition. And that’s how Dole 100 % Fruit Juice came about. This new beverage is made from fresh fruit concentrate and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It’s also GMO-free and gluten-free, which makes it a tasty but healthy offering for children, too,” says Mudit Mathur of Dole Sunshine India.

Apart from being nutritious, unadulterated and pure, Dole 100 % Fruit Juice is also a versatile drink. One can sip it as is, serve it in a mocktail or even use it to shake up a cocktail or two, to serve at house parties and get juiced up. Simply put, it’s pure pineapple goodness.

This October, Fruit Shoot singles across its core range are making the move to 100 % rPET (recycled plastic) and clear bottles*.

The update is another step on Britvic’s journey to reaching its ambition that all bottles produced and sold in Great Britain will be made from 100 % rPET by the end of 2022. The product will also undergo a recipe refresh and packaging redesign for the first time in three years. Alongside its new clear bottle, Fruit Shoot will now be preservative free following a reformulation.

Britvic: Fruit Shoot bottles move to 100 % recycled clear plastic alongside new recipe and design
Fruit Shoot Apple and Blackcurrant (Photo: Britvic)

As the number one kids soft drinks brand[1], Fruit Shoot is supporting operators to meet the ever-changing needs and considerations of consumers. Sustainability is not only a growing concern, but is also now a factor in their decision-making. A study revealed that 95 % of parents hold brands responsible for addressing their sustainability concerns[2], with a further 71 % claiming they’ve become more concerned about sustainability since becoming a parent[3]. However, it isn’t just parents that are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, but also their children – as 95 % of kids say the environment needs protecting[4].

Adam Russell, director of foodservice & licensed at Britvic, comments: “One in four kids juice and juice drink occasions took place outside the home in 2019[5], and as restrictions have eased and families are back on the move, this is only set to increase further with kids drinking while out and about. As the number one kids soft drinks brand[6], Fruit Shoot already has strong brand awareness, but this latest update to the use of 100 % rPET bottles will also demonstrate its packaging sustainability credentials to parents. This is particularly important, as research we recently commissioned revealed that the majority of Brits (80 %) think it is important that manufactures and brands use recycled plastic[7].”

As part of wider consumer research, Britvic found the transition to a clear bottle had several impacts on parents’ perceptions – eight out of 10 parents said they would trust Fruit Shoot more and almost three quarters said it showed Fruit Shoot was more natural than they thought[8]. Made with real fruit, no added sugar, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, Fruit Shoot offers parents peace of mind when it comes to the health of their children.

The packaging update will include hand drawn elements added to each bottle, to bring it to life and add an element of fun. As a result, they will be eye-catching in outlets, driving appeal and purchase – particularly for those who are conscious about the contents of the products they purchase.

To drive awareness of the switch to 100 % rPET bottles, Fruit Shoot will be visible across outdoor and digital platforms early next year, demonstrating the new clear bottles with the messaging, ‘New CLEAR bottle, just as fruity!’.

*Across Fruit Shoot single and multipack bottles, excluding caps and labels.
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Jufico, a leading German baby-food producer, will be the first to launch its organic brand FruchtBar® in fully recyclable monomaterial pouches without aluminium (Pouch5®) into the German market. Pouch5® was developed by Gualapack, world leader of premade spouted pouches, and is the first pre-made spouted pouch available in high barrier recyclable monomaterial. The 5 new references will hit the shelves from May 25.

German consumers are well-informed and sensitive to recyclability, and in Germany separate collection and recycling infrastructure of flexible packaging are among the best in the world. Jufico, under the brand FRUCHTBAR® , has indeed captured the momentum and the needs of the market in terms of circular economy, spearheading the recyclable revolution with Pouch5®.

Gualapack Pouch5® is available in 2 versions:  for hot-filled and pasteurized shelf stable products, and for cold filling /dairy applications. Pouch 5® guarantees product protection equivalent to conventional pouches thanks to its high oxygen and water vapor barrier.

Pouch5® is certified by Interseroh Dienstleistungs-GmbH for its recyclability. Interseroh is an environmental service provider and is best known for its dual system with the yellow bag / yellow bin. Interseroh’s highly scientific criteria for testing a wide variety of packaging have been developed together with bifa environmental and Fraunhofer IVV institutes. With a score of 20 out of 20, Pouch5® achieves the best possible rating and is proven “very good” for recyclability.

In recent years Gualapack has developed a vast portfolio of sustainable solutions to actively reduce the footprint of packaging. Thanks to the vertical integration of technologies such as extrusion, lamination, printing, pouch making, injection molding and filling equipment, Gualapack can offer proven and market-ready packaging solutions that provide effective answers to the industry, the environment, consumers and legislators.

Pouch5® was recently adopted by Nestle (Gerber®) in the USA and Nestle (Piltti®) in Finland.

After almost 40 years as managing director of FRITSCH GmbH, Robert Fritsch was bit farewell on his retirement on 1st January 2020. He looks back on times of modernization, economic growth and success.

In 1920 the medium-sized family business was fund in Idar-Oberstein as a technical precious stones dealer by Max and Alfred Fritsch. After the Second World War Willi and Paul Fritsch, sons of Alfred Fritsch, took over the management.

As the second generation of the company, they were looking for a new business idea, because more and more synthetic materials found their way into the application area of FRITSCH. Soon it became clear to focus on the niche market of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing. This specialization led the laboratory instrument manufacturer to success: Already since the mid-1950s FRITSCH has been one of the leading manufacturers in this field. The first patent application for a fully automatic Planetary Mill followed in 1962. In the following years FRITSCH continued to grow steadily, whereupon the construction of a production hall in Georg-Weierbach 1973 and later the complete relocation of the administration followed.

The third generation was characterized by Robert Fritsch, son of Paul Fritsch, who took over the management in 1982. The breakthrough in high-tech particle sizing was achieved with the Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 under the leadership of him. Since then research, development and production have continued steadily. Further patents in the fields of sample preparation and particle sizing followed and a new production hall was opened in 2014. Because FRITSCH stands for Quality “Made in Germany” for over 100 years and is one of the leading manufactures in the field of milling, sieving, dividing and sizing.

For the 100th anniversary, the 4th generation takes over the management: Maximilian und Sebastian Fritsch, just as their father, grandfather, great uncle, great grandfather and great grand uncle showed them. Maximilian Fritsch, who came to the company after completing his apprenticeship as an IT-manager in 2009 will in future work as Commercial Manager. In his new position, he particularly appreciates the contact to the employees as well as developing new ideas and strategies. Sebastian Fritsch, who is working in the sales department of FRITSCH for more than 10 years, is now the new Managing Director. As a child he dreamed of a career as professional soccer player, but since his apprenticeship at FRITSCH in 2006 he knew „this is my future!”.

The brothers set themselves as a goal to expand further and to lead the company as well as the team in a successful future.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition examined the diets of over 36,000 adults in the Netherlands and reports that the intake of pure fruit juice, such as 100 % orange juice, was not associated with a higher risk for type 2 diabetes.

Consumption of any amount of fruit juice, including the highest intake category of eight or more glasses per week, was not associated with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, according to the study. When the researchers isolated citrus juice intake (orange and grapefruit juice combined), the results were consistent – intake of citrus juices was not associated with an increased risk for diabetes.

This study reinforces the case that fruit juices are not the same as sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), particularly with respect to metabolic effects and risk for diabetes. One hundred percent fruit juices have lower glycemic index compared to SSBs and contain beneficial nutrients not found in SSBs, including vitamins, minerals, and bioactive/polyphenolic compounds.

An 8-ounce glass of 100 % orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of potassium, folate, and thiamin, and supplies hesperidin, a polyphenol that has been shown to have health benefits. Orange juice also counts as a fruit serving to help meet fruit intake recommendations.

The study used data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Netherlands cohort, which began collecting diet and health data in 1993 through 1997 from adults age 20 through 70. The study examined dietary records completed at baseline and categorized fruit juice intake into several intake categories ranging from none to eight or more glasses per week (one glass was considered to be approximately 5 ounces). The study identified 1,477 verified cases of type 2 diabetes over an average 14-year follow up period.

The advantage of this study is that it examined data from a large number of individuals who were followed for a long period of time. However, as a prospective cohort study, data are self-reported, and it cannot show cause and effect. While the analysis took into account important factors that could affect results, such as age, sex, education level, physical activity level, body mass index and overall diet quality, prospective cohort studies are not able to consider each and every factor that could potentially affect results.


  • Pure Fruit Juice and Fruit Consumption Are Not Associated with Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes after Adjustment for Overall Dietary Quality in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition–Netherlands (EPIC-NL) Study
  • Floor R Scheffers, Alet H Wijga, WM Monique Verschuren, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Ivonne Sluijs, Henriëtte A Smit, and Jolanda MA Boer.
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Ocean Spray, an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry farmers, announced that it has added two beverage lines to its extensive product portfolio: Ocean Spray® Organic 100 % Juice Blends and Ocean Spray® Pure Cranberry (Unsweetened) 100 % Juice.

Ocean Spray® Organic 100 % Juice Blends are the perfect combination of organically grown North American cranberries from family farms, with other organic fruit juices. Organic 100 % Juice Blends contain no added sugars1, preservatives or artificial flavors and are available in three delicious flavors: Cranberry, Cranberry Apple and Cranberry Blueberry. All Ocean Spray® Organic 100 % Juice Blends are non-GMO2 and feature the USDA Organic seal (certified organic by QAI). Each flavor has 100 % Vitamin C per serving and each 8-ounce glass is equivalent to one cup of fruit. An 8-ounce glass of these blends contains 100-130 calories, depending on the flavor.

For the pure, authentic taste and unique health benefits of the cranberry, Ocean Spray’s Pure Cranberry (Unsweetened) 100 % Juice contains no added sugars1, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors and is non-GMO2. Each one-liter bottle provides the health benefits from the juice of more than 900 cranberries! An 8-ounce serving is only 60 calories and is equivalent to one cup of fruit to support daily nutritional needs. The juice can be enjoyed on its own or added to smoothies or sparkling water for an extra health boost.
“By adding Organic and Pure (unsweetened) beverages to our line up, we’ve rounded out our portfolio of “good-for-you” juices and juice drinks,” said Patrick Cramb, Ocean Spray’s Director of Beverage Marketing. “We continue to develop innovative products to deliver the cranberry’s healthy attributes in formats that fit the lifestyles of consumers around the world.”

Ocean Spray® Organic 100 % Juice Blend and Ocean Spray® Pure Cranberry (Unsweetened) 100 % Juice are available nationally in the US. The suggested retail price of Ocean Spray® Organic 100 % Juice Blends is $3.99 per 1 liter bottle, while Ocean Spray® Pure Cranberry (unsweetened) 100 % Juice is $5.98 per 1 liter bottle.

1 These products are not low calorie foods – see Nutrition Facts for sugar and calorie content.
2 These products do not contain genetically engineered ingredients.