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News 02.03.2017

Vegesentials’ HPP cold-pressed juices now available on

Vegesentials, the multiple international award-­winning high-­pressure pasteurized cold-­pressed fruit and vegetable drink brand is now available on

Vegesentials’ HPP cold-pressed juices now available on

Vegesentials, the multiple international award-winning high-pressure pasteurized cold-pressed fruit and vegetable drink brand is now available on The London-based Vegesentials Ltd. partnered with Vegesentials USA, LLC, with offices in Bloomfield Hills and Three Rivers, Michigan to manufacture and distribute the Vegesentials line of juices throughout North America.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (“RDN”) Nanette Cameron has been working with Vegesentials to improve their cold-pressed juices for children and young adults. Commenting on the ingredients of Vegesentials offerings, Cameron notes the added fiber “promotes blood sugar stabilization, but what it means is energy balance to improve a child’s focus and mood; something that is so important for learning and academics.” She continues that “digestive health refers to keeping healthy floral in the stomach, this decreases stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, another common issue among children and many young adults.”

Studying the various Vegesentials recipes and contents, Cameron commented “what I like about these juices is the cold pressurized process. The nutrients from the fruit and vegetables are maintained; this is something that is not listed on a nutritional label. Consuming anti-oxidants and phyto-chemical have been linked to a healthy immune system and prevention of disease.” The Vegesentials labels are “clean, and that’s what we advise our constituents to be on the look-out for: ‘clean labelling.’ ”

As part of the required North American validation of the juice contents, Vegesentials retained the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph (Ontario, CA) to certify its HPP process and juice ingredients.  According to Dr Keith Warriner, the aim of the validations is “to determine the efficacy of different HHP treatments to reduce model pathogens introduced into high acid juices.”

Because HPP technology is relatively new and fresh juice has become so popular, Dr Warriner will continue his academic research with Vegesentials to improve food safety for consumers. “The results [of our testing] indicate that juice formulation has a role in defining the pressure resistance of pathogens although which constituents provide protection to HHP remain unclear.”

Vegesentials is the United Kingdom’s first cold pressed vegetable and fruit drink brand. Following its launch in June 2012, Vegesentials can now be found in all but one WholeFoods in the U.K., 60 % of the Waitrose supermarkets, and 50 % of the Holland and Barrett outlets.

Vegesentials has received numerous awards and recognition since its initial launch, including 2 Gold Stars awards for Superior Taste from the International Taste & Quality Institute, Winner of ‘the Health & Fitness Food and Drink ‘Smoothie Category 2014 Award’ by Women’s Fitness and Health & Fitness Magazines, Gold in the low calorie food and drink category by Women’s Fitness and Health & Fitness 2016, Voted as No.1 ‘Highly Recommended’ Drink at Be:Fit London Show 2014 by ‘Science of Fit’, Winner of ‘Best Exhibitor Award 2014’ at The Food & Drink Expo Trade Show NEC Birmingham, UK’s largest ‘Food & Drink’ trade show in 2014, and Finalist for Grocer Gold Award for “Entrepreneur of 2014.”

“We thought the American consumer might be a little hesitant to try a ‘foreign’ fruit and vegetable juice, but all of the feedback from our testing groups have come back with high marks. It’s been incredible and we’re honored to be the exclusive distributor here in North America.” Cameron said “I was genuinely shocked to hear my 16-year old nephew (who despises carrots) tell me that the Cheeky Carrot juice was ‘the best juice I have ever tasted!’ That was all the validation I needed.”

Vegesentials USA will offer customers the Vegesentials 8.8oz Cheeky Carrot (carrot, apple, orange, lime, and chicory root), Cool Cucumber (cucumber, apple, spinach and chicory root), and Groovy Beet (beetroot, apple, cucumber, strawberry and chicory root). The child and senior version of these juices, sold in a 4.4oz bottle, will be available on at a later date.

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