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People & Events 01.09.2016

food & drink technology Africa 2016 In Johannesburg

At food & drink technology Africa Johannesburg 2016, the trade fair for processing, filling, packaging and logistics in the…

At food & drink technology Africa Johannesburg 2016, the trade fair for processing, filling, packaging and logistics in the food and beverage industry from 14th till 15th of September, the well-established labelling machine manufacturer GERNEP from Barbing in southern Germany, presents the latest developments of its rotary labelling machines in modular block building system in accordance with the slogan: OUR LABEL: LABELLING (Hall 3 – Stand 033).

Due to the flexibility of the GERNEP-rotary labeling machines to be equipped with different gluing systems and the possibility to design the labelling machine in accordance with different equipment requirements – GERNEP labelers are in duty in breweries, wine, spirits, water and soft drink bottling plants worldwide.

Outstanding features of the GERNEP-rotary labelling machines are on the one hand, the modular design of the basic machine with the opportunity, to vary different container orientation processes, label control units and bottle plate drives.

On the other hand GERNEP-rotary labelling machines provide the flexibility to use different gluing processes like: cold glue labeling from the magazine, hot melt wrap-around labeling from the magazine, hot melt -labelling from the roll and self-adhesive labeling with all its individual advantages in combination on one flexible platform.

To meet all decoration demands in different industries, the rotary labelling machine GERNEP LABETTA is specialized in universal cold glue labeling, GERNEP ROLLINA in affordable hot melt wrap-around labelling out of the magazine and the GERNEP ROLLFED in efficient wrap-around labeling with hot melt from the roll.

The newly developed GERNEP SOLUTA – in the optimized control and security design – is the consequential answer to match the constantly increasing demand for flexible and diverse container decoration in self adhesive labeling.

Wet glue labeling has a tradition at GERNEP. Wet glue labeling machines were and are an important source of income of GERNEP. The wet glue technology subject at GERNEP continuous development and adaptation to the current requirements of the users.
This confirms the edition of a small cold glue labeler for the low output range. The objective of developing the GERNEP LABETTA "2/3/4 480" is to offer a system with proven technology for small breweries and craft beer scene with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Continuous improvements of the proven cold glue aggregate from the GERNEP LABETTA with its stainless steel glue roller, individually, three-dimensionally adjustable rubber pallets, a divided glue knife and a superposition gearbox ensure an accurate label positioning for perfect configuration. Especially in the area of functional safety, stability and especially the aggregate sealing has recently been extensively reworked GERNEP ROLLINA and ROLLFED, the specialists for economical wrap-around labelling applications use a sophisticated and closed hot melt system which avoids the contamination of the glue by foreign substance and reduces the cleaning and maintenance efforts to a minimum.

The control of bottle rotation in GERNEP ROLLINA and ROLLFED has been completely redesigned respectively redeveloped from GERNEP. In the future, the drive of the toothed belt for rotating the bottle plates are no longer mechanically , but via a permanent magnet drive  in servo mode. Thereby, a format changeover can be done more quickly and efficiently than until now.

The hot melt system of the GERNEP ROLLINA is applying hot melt for beginning gluing onto the containers by using an economical contact-less spray system. The glue application of the trailing end happens by a stepless adjustable end gluing ledge directly at the label magazine.

Also the glue application system of the ROLLFED is working on the same high technical level by using a similar spray nozzle system. The hot melt for beginning gluing is applied contact-less and selective at the label beginning while it is transferred on the vacuum drum. The glue application on the trailing end is done by a stepless adjustable end gluing ledge and accordant fend gluing plate on the application drum.

The GERNEP SOLUTA is the new rotary machine concept of GERNEP. By round design improved accessibility and an optimized operator protection was achieved. The proven servo motor technology on self-adhesive dispenser guarantees a precise and especially smooth-running transfer of the labels to the product, even in containers wells or containers increases.

Innovative and exclusive label designs are just as naturally be applied as the processing of no-label -look or waterproof plastic labels. By mounting the self-adhesive dispenser on a sledge system the change or the reloading of the label material can be done operator friendly and outside the danger area. Optionally, a non-stop operation with 2 dispensers per label, a standalone loop unwinder or standalone automatic splicing unit is available.

The all-rounder for unlimited equipment features.
To match the constantly increasing demand for flexible and diverse container decoration in all industries, it´s possible to combine all labeling systems – cold-glue, hot melt and self adhesive. Thanks to the possible combination there are hardly no boundaries in any kind of compilation. The huge benefit of combining different labeling processes on only one machine platform is based in the minimized time for changeover and the simplicity to switch on / off the labelling aggregates on the machine table just as they are needed by activation switches in the HMI. For flexible use of different container formats, or for maximum flexibility for the future GERNEP provides for all labeling machines alternatively servo driven bottle plates.

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