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News 04.08.2016

New Licensee Joins Collaborative Effort To Further Develop And Commercialize Breakthrough Forming And Filling Technology

The LiquiForm Group has announced that Krones AG, a leading global manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, has entered into…

The LiquiForm Group has announced that Krones AG, a leading global manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, has entered into a technology licensing agreement to further develop and commercialize LiquiForm’s breakthrough forming and filling manufacturing technology.

“With the LiquiFormTM technology, Krones has an opportunity to build on existing bottling technology, intellectual property and know-how to develop unique industrial solutions for improving the total cost of ownership for our customers even further,” said Dr. Christian Compera, head of bottling technology at Krones AG.

LiquiForm technology combines container forming and filling processes into a single step. The technology uses liquid product instead of compressed air to form a rigid plastic container, a process which offers an opportunity for more sustainable and efficient operations as compared to traditional blow and fill technology.

“We are pleased to have Krones as a licensee, given its history of technology and innovation leadership in processing, filling and packaging,” said Ashish Saxena, vice president and general manager of The LiquiForm Group. “Adding to the existing efforts of Sidel, Amcor and Yoshino, Krones will aid the technology commercialization and enable LiquiForm to reach its full potential.”

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