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Process Technology 26.08.2016

Bosch Launches Integrated System Solution For Liquid And Viscous Food

At PACK EXPO International 2016, Bosch Packaging Technology will debut its integrated system solution for liquid, viscous and pumpable foods. The result of…

Newest members to the Bosch family combine hygienic design and appealing pack results

  • Efficient fill and seal equipment for pre-made containers reduces downtime
  • Eco-friendly wrap-around billboard effect with minimal material use
  • Extensive service network in North America for customer convenience

At PACK EXPO International 2016, Bosch Packaging Technology will debut its integrated system solution for liquid, viscous and pumpable foods. The result of the close cooperation between the latest member of the Bosch family in North America – Osgood, the manufacturer of fill and seal machinery for pre-formed containers, and Kliklok-Woodman, the supplier of vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines and secondary packaging equipment – is a complete system solution to address the growing market demand for containers in wrap-around cartons. At the show, Bosch will run live demonstrations of a solution, packing two yogurt cups in a cost-efficient wrap-around carton.

“One of the key benefits of being a part of the Bosch Group, is the ability to mix and match primary and secondary packaging offerings to create truly unique solutions, which answer specific market and consumer needs,” said Janet Darnley, director of marketing and product manager secondary packaging at Bosch Packaging Technology (Kliklok-Woodman).

„The liquid food system we are presenting at PACK EXPO International this year is testimony to such cooperation, offering our customers’ trouble-free integration straight into their existing production setups.“

“It is all about customer convenience and satisfaction,” added Jonathan Viens, manager of North American sales and marketing, Bosch Packaging Technology (Osgood Industries). “In addition to the streamlined, easy-to-operate and hygienic system solution, our customers now benefit from Bosch’s extensive service network in North America.”

Hygienic and accurate container filling
The system’s first element is the Osgood S-series fill and seal machine, recognized for its hygienic design with fewer areas that might trap food residues and thus complicate the cleaning process. The machine is 3-A Sanitary Standards (3-A SSI) compliant, meaning that the product is hygienically handled throughout the filling and packaging process, safeguarding both product and brand. The innovative O ring-free pistons further decrease cleaning-in-place (CIP) time and eliminate the risk of product recalls, normally caused by O-rings falling into the product during filling.

Osgood’s tank-style pump and smooth movement allows for equal product distribution on each of the lanes with negligible variations between cups, ensuring accurate filling, even at speeds of up to 1,000 containers per minute. As a result, liquid food manufacturers can minimize material waste and ensure consistent filling levels of their product. Furthermore, the S-series employs a servo-driven indexing filler, adjusted depending on the viscosity of the product to control splashing, foam and froth.

Sustainable and economical wrap-around cartons
The new Certiwrap Elite wrap-around cartoner from Kliklok-Woodman offers an economical secondary packaging solution that uses less paperboard material, without compromising on shelf appeal. The Certiwarp Elite is ideal for liquid and viscous foods in cups, or other rigid containers, which are arranged singularly or in multiples — even stacked — in a cost-effective carton at speeds of up to 400 cartons per minute depending on pitch.

The Certiwrap Elite’s hygienic design combines an all-stainless steel frame, easy accessibility, high visibility and sanitary construction for simplified cleaning, to ultimately reduce downtime. Total walk-in access for maintenance through the solution’s safety doors further enhances ease of operation and increases uptime. The machine’s insight color touch screen HMI, enables automatic programming, the elimination of operator errors and ensures consistent performance – regardless of the shift or operator skills.

Coupled with the Osgood S-series fill and seal machine, the Certiwrap Elite wrap-around cartoner offers North American liquid food producers a complete system solution specifically developed for this market segment with hygiene, ease of use and an appealing pack style at its core.

To learn more about all of our solutions and attend live demonstrations, visit Bosch at PACK EXPO International in Chicago, Illinois, from November 6 to 9, 2016, South Hall, booth S-3514.

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