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Process Technology 09.08.2016

Aseptic Line For Jus de Fruits d’Alsace

Jus de Fruits d’Alsace in Sarre-Union has now invested in a…

Alsace is known far and wide as a gourmets’ paradise. This French province always dishes up something special. And that goes for the drinks, too.

So as to market their sensitive products like top-quality fruit juices, smoothies and fruit squashes in PET bottles instead of in soft-packages as previously, Jus de Fruits d’Alsace in Sarre-Union has now invested in a Contiform AseptBloc from Krones rated at 30,000 bottles an hour.

The new aseptic filling line at Jus de Fruits d’Alsace, a subsidiary of LSDH (Laiterie Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel), includes an aseptic blow-moulder, which is part of a blow-moulder/filler block. After preform decontamination using gaseous H2O2, the block produces the containers in the aseptic blow-moulder and fills them in aseptic mode. This means that both the containers and the product are processed in aseptic mode throughout.

Besides the top-notch microbiological safety levels it provides, the Contiform AseptBloc also scores highly in terms of cost-efficiency: it dispenses with a sterile-water UHT and a hygiene centre, and does not consume any water in production mode, thus enabling Jus de Fruits d’Alsace to save on water, chemicals and energy.

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