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News 01.06.2016

Mondi In North America Introduces Eye-Catching Teapot-Shaped Stand Up Pouch For Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods Packaging business of Mondi in North America has introduced a new, customizable…

The Consumer Goods Packaging business of Mondi in North America has introduced a new, customizable Teapot-shaped SUP (Stand Up Pouch), designed to capture shoppers’ attention on consumer goods retail shelves.

The uniquely shaped pouch can be tailored to meet the specific needs of brands. The pouch can be printed via flexographic or rotogravure print processes, and enhanced with metallic inks and matte finishes. A broad range of spout and cap configurations, and a selection of bottom constructions add to the pouch’s design flexibility. It is available in sizes ranging from 350 to 1,000 milliliters and is compatible with conventional filling equipment for filling at the pouch’s top or through its spout.

According to Ross Bushnell, president, Mondi Jackson, Consumer Goods Packaging, the new pouch will be of particular interest to brands looking to differentiate their products via flexible packaging design.

“The new pouch has an unusual and appealing appearance,” Bushnell says. “Its attractive, roughly ‘teapot,’ shape is designed to stand apart from conventional packaging on retail shelves. It is ideal for fast moving consumer goods, such as olive  and salad oils, fruit drinks and broths, as well as liquid soaps.”

The pouch has a three-ply construction. It can be produced with clear windows to showcase products having striking colors, like apple and cranberry juices, or with tinted windows. Plus, it is ergonomically designed with a handle built at an approximately 25 degree angle that makes the pouch easy to control when pouring. The handle can be die cut into a huge variety of shapes, giving added visual distinction to a pouch’s finished configuration.

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