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News 28.04.2016

Tetra Pak Launches Coconut Handbook

Tetra Pak has published a new guide to coconut beverage production, offering expert advice and…

Tetra Pak has published a new guide to coconut beverage production, offering expert advice and practical information on everything from plantations and nutritional benefits to production and distribution.

The 180-page Coconut Handbook, which includes a mix of general insight and technical detail, draws on specialist know-how from all parts of the coconut industry, plus Tetra Pak’s own 20-year experience in the category and its global expertise in food processing.

“We established the world’s first Coconut Knowledge Centre in Singapore in 2012, to share with customers the knowledge we have accumulated through many years work in this sector,” explains Charles Brand, Executive Vice President Product Management and Commercial Operations at Tetra Pak. “With the new Coconut Handbook, we hope to help more companies succeed in this growing beverage category, providing support in coconut product formulation, production management and marketing.”

Ready-to-drink coconut beverages have rapidly gained popularity with consumers in recent years, with sales of packaged coconut water now estimated to be worth more than US$1 billion worldwide. However, the delicate composition of the coconut presents many challenges for manufacturers: the contents degrade quickly when exposed to air, and measures are required at every step of the production process to protect product quality. This issue is discussed in detail in the Handbook, along with such topics as harvesting, product composition, rheology and packaging.

The book can be ordered online at, subject to a nominal charge for printing and shipping.

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