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News 21.04.2016

Revolutionary Drinking Device Uses The Human Body And Power To Make Beverages Taste Better

Global Ionics has recently developed a revolutionary beverage ionizing device that combines…

Global Ionics has recently developed a revolutionary beverage ionizing device that combines a patented voltage booster and ionic polarization technology with the human body's energy into the ultimate drinking vessel.

Fill any cup, glass, or water bottle with your favourite beverage (including juices, sports/energy drinks, flavoured waters, beer & wine). While drinking, your hand touches the metal "acti-strip" on the side of the cup. The human body, combined with the voltage booster circuit and a single AAA battery inside the waterproof case, generate a small, safe electric current. Through electrochemical reactions within the beverage ingredients, the number of negative ions from the ionic emitter are greatly enhanced. Once the beverage touches the lip or mouth, millions of negative ions enter the body.

There has never been a beverage drinking device technology quite like this. The company’s objective is to provide beverage devices and innovations that will speed up recovery due to dehydration, boost energy, flush out toxins, act as an antioxidant, and enhance the body's immune system. Also, since the human body plays a significant role in the functionality of the device, tastes are altered and enhanced. Therefore, beverage companies can lower sodium and other ingredients to make healthier drinks, while still giving consumers great taste. The device can attach to any cup, glass, or water bottle. And, similar to Global's other products, the Beverage Power drinking device allows users to "See the Light", since the ion polarization process is powered by the human body's energy. Once the light is glowing, the ions are flowing. There are no on/off switches.

The Beverage Power is truly unique and a one-of-a-kind beverage drinking experience.

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