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News 21.04.2016

PERKii Pty Ltd Secures Investment To Launch Unique Probiotic Drink On The Australian Beverage Market

The newest probiotic drink on the Australian market has secured investment and is ready to launch. Developed by…

The newest probiotic drink on the Australian market has secured investment and is ready to launch. Developed by scientists at The University of Queensland (UQ), PERKii delivers one billion live and protected probiotics in an 85 % water-based drink. PERKii utilises the patented and world-first technology Progel™ to ensure the delivery of live probiotics to the digestive system.

Alongside a number of sophisticated high net worth investors; Uniseed, UniQuest and the Brisbane Angels have all been secured as investors for this unique probiotic beverage.
On the securing of investors, PERKii CEO Randolph (Randy) Milne commented, “We are excited and extremely proud to be associated with this calibre of investor. Their experience and ability to grow successful companies is evident and we are sure PERKii will continue to grow and achieve new successes with the support of this group.”

The process of creating Microgels (Progel™ technology) on a commercial scale was developed by UQ Scientist Bhesh Bhandari. Microgels are tiny natural beads that encapsulate the probiotics in PERKii to ensure its survival through the acidic stomach environment to the lower digestive system where the probiotics actually do their work. No other probiotic drink can boast the use of this cutting-edge technology. This technology allows the delivery of live probiotics using 85 % water, with great natural flavours, only 26 calories and just one and a half teaspoons of sugar from apples.

Since September 2015, Mr Milne, a former National Business Manager at Coca-Cola Amatil, has been guiding PERKii through a trial period in a number of outlets around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. “During this trial period, PERKii has received a lot of positive feedback from outlets and customers looking for a delicious, low calorie, lactose -free probiotic drink that targets the digestive system,” Randy said.

PERKii has attracted national attention, and was invited to participate in the Wstart program ( by Woolworths in recognition of its true product innovation. Along with its ever- growing list of national stockists, PERKii is now available nationally from Caltex Woolworths and convenience sites and Woolworths Bondi and Surry Hills.

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