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News 20.01.2016

RIPE Bar Juice Launches Line Of Craft Juice Packed With Flavor And Nutrients

RIPE Bar Juice, the cold-pressed, high-pressure processed (HPP), never pasteurized, all-natural…

RIPE Bar Juice, the cold-pressed, high-pressure processed (HPP), never pasteurized, all-natural, cocktail mixer, clearly mixes well.

But the brand can stand on its own. So, RIPE is launching a line of ultra-premium ready-to-drink craft juices, just as fresh as the cocktail mixers, but intended to be enjoyed in their all-natural, unadulterated form.

The opening lineup of RIPE Craft Juice™ flavors, in 12 ounce bottles, are:

  • Whole Cranberry Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Cranberry Apple
  • Cranberry Unsweetened

Red Grapefruit will launch in January 2016, with more flavors to follow in the first quarter.

The juices are made with fruit sourced from Ocean Spray® farmers as well as apples from producers in upstate New York, all of which is cold-pressed. "We're getting our fruit from farmers we know and trust," said Michel Boissy, RIPE's co-founder and CEO. "We offer consumers complete traceability, tracking the juice ingredients all the way back to the farm."

Like the RIPE mixers, RIPE juice is always shipped cold. "We take great care in distributing our products cold," said Boissy. "That way, when our products reach shelves, they're as fresh as possible."

RIPE Craft Juice is high pressure processed, never heated, cold-filtered and has an average shelf life of 70 days. By using high pressure processing, rather than the traditional method of heat, the most stringent food safety standards are met while preserving the natural flavors and nutrients.

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