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Filling & Packaging 18.11.2015

Innovative Packaging From SIG Combibloc: Function Meets Design

combidome, the carton bottle from SIG Combibloc, is now available in a package volume of 500 ml – a perfect volume for…

combidome, the carton bottle from SIG Combibloc, is now available in a package volume of 500 ml – a perfect volume for ‘on-the-go’ products that can be consumed anywhere. The company riha WeserGold Getränke GmbH & Co. KG now offers Extaler-brand mineral water in combidome 500 ml.

Message on a carton

The four display surfaces and the distinctive dome of the carton pack, which is made entirely from a cardboard composite, can be fully printed, and thus used for the right ‘message on a carton’. This gives beverage manufacturers plenty of scope to communicate information and to attract consumers’ attention to the product. In this way, the design on the printed surface becomes the perfect complement to the unique shape.

Flexible as usual: one for all

A single combidome filling machine can be used to fill carton packs with volumes of 1,000, 750 and 500 ml. A volume change takes just a few minutes, offering manufacturers the option of positioning products in quantities that are tailored precisely to the intended target audience. Alongside this volume flexibility, the combidome filling machine, which can fill up to 12,000 carton packs per hour, also offers the design and product flexibility that customers have come to expect from SIG Combibloc filling machines. A change of carton design can be implemented without interrupting the production process, and with no wastage at all. All you need to do is switch the carton sleeves in the filling machine magazine.

In addition, the product flexibility of the combidome filling machine from SIG Combibloc provides the basis to implement modern concepts for products with low and high viscosity levels, right in line with current consumer trends.

Margarita Maier, Product Launch Manager Europe at SIG Combibloc: “We believe combidome 500 ml is the ideal volume size for ‘on-the-go’ products – whether a manufacturer is looking to bring out breakfast drinks, premium organic products, smoothies, energy drinks or perhaps products targeted at specific groups such as health-conscious women or ‘Best Agers’ – it can be done efficiently, effectively, in a form that is readily marketable”.

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