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News 25.11.2015

Doehler At FIE 2015: Natural Food & Beverage Ingredients

Naturalness, health & nutrition, functionality and clean & clear label are the main themes at Doehler’s stand at FIE. In Paris, the globally…

Naturalness, health & nutrition, functionality and clean & clear label are the main themes at Doehler’s stand at FIE. In Paris, the globally active company presents its customers ingredients, integrated solutions and product concepts for successful food and beverages that meet the tastes of consumers with all the senses.

Doehler’s answer to health & nutrition

Health & nutrition has become one of the most important mega trends of recent years. At FIE, Doehler presents its broad portfolio of health & nutrition ingredients for wide range of positioning opportunities and indications. Vegetable extracts and proteins are especially in the spotlight this year. The large, up-to-the-minute portfolio of African botanical extracts extends from baobab, rooibos and honeybush to moringa and cape aloe. Doehler also provides products with vegetable proteins from rice, for example, offering vegetarians and vegans the healthy added value they want. In addition, Doehler presents natural options for sugar reduction, such as fermented and reduced-sugar juices, as well as stevia-based sweetening systems with balanced sensory profiles.

“Better for you” – adding value with less!

Healthy foods are increasingly defined not by long lists of ingredients, but rather by what the recipe consciously does not include. In Paris, Doehler uses the trend topic “better for you” to present the application-specific, gluten-free malt extracts that can be used as natural ingredients for a wide range of products – both as special taste components and for natural colouring and sweetening.

In addition to that, Doehler presents a new portfolio of “beyond dairy” ingredients based on almonds, rice, oats and soy, with impressive sensory properties. The portfolio makes it possible to develop lactose-free/cow’s milk-free foods and beverages with outstanding taste, thereby enabling growth potential by accessing completely new consumer groups. Alongside those ingredient solutions and product ideas, Doehler also serves many other aspects of the “better for you” trend. The ingredients and ingredient systems extend from natural flavours, colours and juices to sugar-free natural sweetening systems.

natural flavours & colours

Doehler has its own fruit and vegetable processing facilities in the world’s most important growing areas, securing the company direct access for the production of high-quality natural flavours, colours, health & nutrition ingredients and fruit & vegetable ingredients. The company has demonstrated a high level of expertise in flavours and natural flavour extracts for decades. Doehler will also be presenting its portfolio of premium FTNF/FTNJ flavours, flavour extracts, fractions, isolates and oils from its own flavour production facilities.

Furthermore, Doehler presents a brilliant spectrum of application-specific and heat-stable natural colours and colouring concentrates.

Go veggie! – The new vegetable ingredients

To complement its extremely broad and detailed portfolio of fruit ingredients, Doehler also offers a comprehensive and application-specific portfolio of new vegetable ingredients, including options as diverse as tomato, pumpkin, sweet potato, cucumber, black carrot, sweet pepper, rhubarb and beetroot. As well as premium chunky purees and cloudy and clear juice concentrates, Doehler also offers a large portfolio of natural vegetable flavours. The expert in multi-sensory experiences proves just how refreshing and sophisticated vegetables in beverages can be, for example with innovative aqua plus beverages, lemonades and tea beverages, as well as juices and still drinks.

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