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Filling & Packaging 13.10.2015

Friends Of Glass To Send The Recipe Of Glass To The Moon: Glass Is The Packaging Of The Future

In 2017, Friends of Glass will send the recipe of glass to the moon! Friends of Glass, an influential community movement that…

In 2017, Friends of Glass will send the recipe of glass to the moon! Friends of Glass, an influential community movement that encourages Europeans to look beyond the label and choose glass packaging, is working with Lunar Mission One to send the recipe of the precious material to the moon on the Astrobotic Lander in a bid to preserve it for generations to come.

The benefits of glass packaging for health, taste, and quality are endless and, safe to say, timeless. Glass as a packaging material has been used since 1,200 B.C. and has taken man through the ages. Now, the recipe for glass will join man on to the next frontier, space.

Lunar Mission One has recently launched an ambitious new campaign ‘Footsteps on the Moon’ which aims to put a digital archive containing millions of human footprints on the Moon in 2017. Inspired by Buzz Aldrin’s iconic boot print image, ‘Footsteps on the Moon’ is an opportunity for everyone in the world to upload a picture of their own – or someone they love’s – footprints, and store it on the Moon for millions of years. Simply take a photo, and upload it for free here:

“The moon belongs to everyone, and every single one of us has the right to make our mark on its surface – digitally of course,” said David Iron, Founder of Lunar Mission One. “It might be your new born baby’s feet, your footsteps on the beach during your honeymoon, or you and your best friends’ high heels on a night out. Whatever your story is, ‘Footsteps on the Moon’ is all about capturing the moment and adding it to a digital archive of human life.”

“By sending glass to the moon, we are preserving a fundamental piece of human history that has been in use for millennia,” added Michael Delle Selve, Senior Communications Manager for FEVE. “Glass is definitely the packaging of today and the future. It is the safest packaging material for health, best preserves the quality of food and drink and is 100 % indefinitely recyclable, why wouldn’t glass be one of mankind’s greatest footprints?”

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