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News 30.09.2015

WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients At Anuga 2015

The business unit WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WILD) was formed last year when WILD Flavors was acquired by the American corporation ADM. The two companies…

The business unit WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WILD) was formed last year when WILD Flavors was acquired by the American corporation ADM. The two companies joined forces and pooled their expertise. At the Anuga trade fair in Cologne, they will present their compelling solutions that satisfy the globally growing demand for products which fit in with a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Food and beverages with added value

Many consumers want to eat "right" – to choose food and beverages that are good for their health. Functional ingredients are the absolute key for products which want to use this added value on their labels. Various vitamins as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium are critical, and for quite some time protein has also played a growing part – especially when it comes to targeting athletes, although it is also important in the context of certain consumption situations, such as breakfast. At the Anuga booth, WILD employees will explain how the combined competences of WILD and ADM complement each other in developing concepts such as products with protein; they will also discuss what innovations can result.

Moderation is in: less sugar, less alcohol

Good resolutions are all well and fine, but around the world, most people enjoy sweet foods, and in many cultures alcoholic beverages are also an indispensible part of everyday life. The demand for "indulgent" food and beverages is constantly growing, and as a result, there is huge sales potential for products which contain less alcohol or sugar than the originals but still taste good. In response to this trend, WILD has created a selection of appropriate solutions, such as products sweetened with stevia extract. The company benefits from its years of research on sweeteners from natural sources, and it offers enhanced flavor profiles for new products that will win consumers over. Thanks to optimized manufacturing processes, there are no undesired bitter notes; instead, these flavor solutions create harmoniously balanced tastes. WILD has assembled a dedicated team to work on lower-alcohol or non-alcoholic beer-mix drinks so it can respond appropriately to the major international relevance of this product sector. At the trade fair in Cologne, the specialists at WILD will present technological innovations and share information about the possibilities available for their customers' portfolios.

Not just "clean" but "clear" as well

As a specialist in natural ingredients, WILD has always focused on “clean label”, and by no means does the company see the issue as a short-lived trend. The demand for products that are free from E-number additives and therefore meet "clean label" standards is on the rise. According to the market research institute Innova, this demand has since become a true standard in the food and beverage industry. The shift towards "clear label" has become a new challenge: it means that the items on a product label not only need to be natural, but the number of ingredients should be transparent and short. Innova anticipates that brief and easily understandable lists of ingredients will be the future indicator of how consumer-friendly a product is. Correspondingly, food and beverage manufacturers have to take this into consideration, especially in new product launches. The experts from WILD are available at the Anuga booth to answer questions about this complex field as well.

Rainforest Alliance

Concepts featuring the Rainforest Alliance seal of quality are available for manufacturers who place an especially high priority on socially responsible production and resource conservation. Products with this certified seal of sustainability are becoming more and more of a purchasing criterion, and the seal offers concrete benefits in marketing and communicating with retail and consumers. WILD works with the NGO Rainforest Alliance and will present the resulting concepts at Anuga.

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