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Filling & Packaging 12.08.2015

New In Carton Packs From SIG Combibloc:

drinksplus beverages containing pieces of real fruit are well received – in Korea, for instance. Korean producer Haitai Beverage has now…

‘Sunkist’ smoothies with bits of fruit
drinksplus beverages hit the spot in Korea – more products on the market

drinksplus beverages containing pieces of real fruit are well received – in Korea, for instance. Korean producer Haitai Beverage has now launched two ‘Sunkist’ brand premium smoothies in the aseptic carton pack combiblocMini 200 ml. Part of the ‘My Real Smoothie’ range, the drinks are available in Apple/Mango with apple bits, and Strawberry with peach bits. The pieces of fruit give the smoothies a very special texture and authenticity, and offer an unusual drinking experience. The beverages are made possible using the drinksplus technology from SIG Combibloc.

With the market launch of these smoothies, Haitai Beverage is introducing Korea to another premium product in the new product category of drinksplus products with perceptible added value. In late 2014, the company Dr Chung’s Food got the ball rolling in the country with a UHT soy drink with apple mango juice that also contains bits of nata de coco and peach. The smoothies from ‘Sunkist’, a well-established global brand, see further beverages appearing on the market which are in line with the current consumer demand for health harmonised with enjoyment.

Seo Jun Oh, deputy brand manager at Haitai Beverage: “The bits of fruit emphasise the high-quality, natural character of our smoothies. Consumers notice them immediately, because the combination of premium juices and bits of real fruit produces a completely new drinking sensation. The unusual product texture is best experienced when the beverage is drunk through a straw. The straws have a large, six-millimetre diameter, so the smoothies can be enjoyed with an even consistency”.

The basis for products of this type is the drinksplus technology from SIG Combibloc, which allows manufacturers to aseptically fill innovative products with up to ten per cent natural particulate content in carton packs, using standard filling machines for beverages. This opens up the possibility for us to create a wealth of innovative on-trend products, quickly and cost-efficiently. To make drinksplus products such as the new Sunkist smoothies, the SIG Combibloc standard filling machines for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks are simply fitted with an upgrade set. The easy-to-install ‘drinksplus kit’ includes valves, valve stems and filling nozzles which are tailor-made to ensure an ideal product flow when filling innovative beverages containing particulates. Individual bits can be up to six millimetres in length and width.

Premium beverages growing in popularity

Patrizia Wegner, Head of Cluster Marketing Asia-Pacific South at SIG Combibloc: “Healthy premium juices with 100 per cent fruit content, packaged in handy carton packs, are in growing demand in Korea. At the moment, it’s still mostly fruit beverages with a relatively low fruit content that are available there in carton packs. With new premium beverages such as the smoothies from Haitai Beverage, a significant change is taking place. The ‘Sunkist’ brand name by itself promises the highest quality, which is confirmed when people start drinking the innovative products. And the design of the carton pack – modern, colourful and cheerful – completes the product concept and grabs people’s attention. We’re confident that beverages such as these will really enliven and enrich the non-carbonated soft drinks market in Korea”.

Haitai Beverage is one of the biggest beverage manufacturers in South Korea. The company was founded in 1973, and since 1976 has been the licence-holder for the Sunkist Group. Haitai Beverage employs around 3,000 people. The company has three production plants and 70 sales offices. Haitai Beverage is not only one of the top players on the Korean market, but also runs a successful export business, mainly to Russia, Africa and China.

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