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News 14.04.2015

New Partnership In Asia

Capri-Sun has welcomed a new member of its steadily growing international family: Reignwood Group China. Last week, both companies held a…

Capri-Sun has welcomed a new member of its steadily growing international family: Reignwood Group China. Last week, both companies held a launch ceremony in Beijing to announce that the No. 1 kids’ juice drink was entering the Chinese market. By constructing a world-class Capri-Sun manufacturing site, including five production lines with an annual capacity of approximately 650 million pouches, Reignwood Group is setting a milestone for a bright future.

The joint endeavor between Capri-Sun and Reignwood Group in China symbolizes a great opportunity for both companies. By entering one of the largest and most prosperous markets in the world (one with more than 230 million kids), Capri-Sun intends to establish its own beverage category for kids’ juice drinks. “We have great products, and with Reignwood Group we also have a dedicated, professional partner. What else could we want?” said Mr. Carsten Kaisig, CEO of ARIOS/ Capri-Sun. “I am happy that from now on, together with Reignwood Group we will put a smile on the faces of Chinese kids.”  

A strong partner and world-class factory

As a leading international Chinese enterprise, Reignwood Group holds diversified investments in key growth industries in China and around the globe. It established the wholly-owned Bestshin Beverages (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which will be responsible for all domestic Capri-Sun production and sales activities. Bestshin will rely on Reignwood Group’s extensive sales network of 10,000 salespeople throughout China. Exclusively for Capri-Sun, Reignwood Group constructed a new world-class production site near Beijing, covering an area of 50 acres of land; it was built from scratch in the record time of seven months. The facilities include four production lines for 200 ml straw pouches, and one for 330 ml spouted pouches, giving the factory an estimated annual capacity of approximately 650 million pouches. The total investment of almost 80 million euros shows the clear commitment and trust towards the success of Capri-Sun in China.

Expertise from Germany

Capri-Sun supports its partner with German Know-how: WILD Flavors/ ADM, the leading provider of natural ingredients for the beverage industry, supplies the raw materials used to produce Capri-Sun. Technological support is provided by the leader in modern filling and packaging equipment, WILD-INDAG. Together with the global brand expertise from Capri-Sun, Reignwood Group rounds out the synergetic partnership by integrating its local insights and knowledge about the market and regional trends.

Four tasty flavors

Reignwood Group will offer four tasty flavors to Chinese consumers — Orange, White Grape, Pear as well as Peach & Apple. Each recipe was developed in conjunction with Capri-Sun and carefully tailored to regional demands. Capri-Sun does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. The great taste of Capri-Sun comes in a light & flexible stand-up pouch. Although it is made from a tiny amount of material, the plastic and aluminium laminate pouch is sturdy and hygienic, and protects the sensitive contents against oxidation and light. Capri-Sun is the fun drink for kids, and it is also moms’ favorite due to its high quality and natural ingredients.

Maximum Effort for Maximum Visibility

Reignwood Group will focus on filling a niche in the Chinese beverage market by establishing and dominating the category of children's juice drinks: “Kids’ juice drinks are still one of the gaps with high potential to trigger great market demand,” said Ms. Lu Zhan, CEO of Reignwood FMCG. “When offered this opportunity, Reignwood Group decided to join forces with Capri-Sun to introduce its high quality product in China.” The launch of Capri-Sun will include extensive sampling programs, eye-catching POS materials, as well as broad-based ATL activities.

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