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News 16.03.2015

Doehler At Anuga FoodTec In Cologne

At Anuga FoodTec in Cologne (March 24 – 27, 2015), Doehler will present natural ingredients and ingredient systems for food and beverages, that are…

Ingredients & ingredient systems for multi-sensory product experiences

At Anuga FoodTec in Cologne (March 24 –  27, 2015), Doehler will present natural ingredients and ingredient systems for food and beverages, that are characterised by an outstanding multi-sensory product experience. The globally active company introduces ingredient solutions that fulfil the technological requirements of specific applications and harmoniously appeal to all the senses in the final product. The broad portfolio of natural ingredients includes flavours, colours, health & nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy ingredients, speciality ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems. In Cologne, a special focus is put on natural colour alternatives, botanical extracts, authentic fruit flavours as well as on fruit and vegetable ingredients for technologically demanding food and beverage applications. In addition, Doehler will highlight modern culture media for the microbiological detection of beverage-spoiling microorganisms under the brand name Doehler Microsafety Design®. A large number of innovative concepts for the food and beverage industry round off Doehler's trade fair appearance.

Doehler natural colour solutions

When developing new products, producers of foods and beverages are faced with the challenge of selecting the perfect colour that not only lives up to the product application's specific technologically requirements, but also fits to the product positioning. Above all this is the global trend towards the most natural ingredients possible. And the demands of many consumers now already go one step further: these include both the naturalness of the colour and the respective underlying raw material. Artificial colourings and food colours, such as carmine and caramel colouring extracted from natural sources, are being increasingly replaced in recipes.

In Cologne, Doehler showcases natural colours and colouring concentrates from fruits, vegetables and malt, as well as natural colour emulsions that meet the market's current requirements and satisfy the demands of various food and beverage applications. The spectrum of natural colours ranges from sunny yellow tones, intensive orange, brilliant red, bright pink to fresh green tones or subtle brown. Cloud emulsions are also available for products that feature a naturally cloudy or milky white appearance.

Natural extracts and flavours for an authentic taste

Naturalness and authenticity are in greater demand than ever before. Today, botanical flavours and extracts enjoy immense popularity. Blossom notes, herbs and spices particularly are well received by consumers in all applications. They give rise to new flavour varieties and also make interesting product positionings possible. Trade fair visitors will be inspired at the Doehler stand: not only is a wide range of extracts on display, visitors will also have the opportunity to taste samples of natural flavours such as apple blossom, cherry blossom, rose and rosemary. Doehler will also reveal a new range of particularly fresh-tasting pineapple flavours. The natural flavour portfolio covers the taste profiles of different varieties, growing areas and harvest times, as well as various nuances.

Vegetables are conquering the beverage and dairy industry

Low in calories, yet rich in physiologically valuable ingredients: thanks to such benefits, vegetable juices and purees are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and are today used in rather uncommon applications, for instance in soft drinks, yoghurt or ice cream. In order to meet the growing demand for vegetable ingredients, Doehler has expanded its portfolio of juice concentrates and purees significantly which will be presented at Anuga FoodTec. The company will also unveil impressive sensory food and beverage applications utilising vegetable juices, bringing about unique taste experiences when combined with fruit, spice and herb ingredients.

Technological solutions for alcoholic beverages containing juice

The trend towards natural premium products with more fruit flavour and higher juice content can also be observed in the spirits sector. However, not every juice concentrate is suitable for alcoholic beverages. Certain reactions can cause precipitations and sedimentations, thus creating a visual impairment in the end product.

Doehler has developed a range of clear fruit juice concentrates designed specifically for alcoholic beverages. They have no cloudiness or sedimentation even with a higher juice content. These juice concentrates are ideal for low-alcoholic beverages such as ciders and wine mixes, as well as for high-proof spirits. At Anuga FoodTec, Doehler will present these advanced juice concentrates alongside its extensive portfolio of fruit and vegetable ingredients it processes which ranges from NFC juices, cloudy and clear CO2-stable juice concentrates to purees and puree concentrates. As a result, Doehler fulfils the specific, technological requirements in a diverse range of applications in equal measure and provides natural, authentic ingredient solutions for different industries.

Doehler Microsafety Design® (DMD®) – innovative culture media for microbial quality control

Premium quality beverages must deliver a consistently high standard of quality and constant processing safety. As a supplier of integrated solutions, Doehler will also present services and products for comprehensive quality assurance, along with technology-based, natural ingredients at Anuga FoodTec. Under the DMD® brand, Doehler provides innovative culture media for microbial detection in almost every segment of the beverage and brewing industry. The ready-to-use media are impressive thanks to their ease of handling as well as fast and reliable results. For example, the TransFast® system makes it possible to obtain initial results from the microbial detection in non-alcoholic beverages after just 48 hours. The TransFast® system includes a broth used for pre-enrichment, in addition to a transparent gel for direct detection in the Incubation Lightbox, allowing contaminations to be detected quickly and easily at a glance.

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