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People & Events 21.10.2014

WILD At SIAL 2014 – New Impulses For Beverages With Juice

Tastes vary, no matter where you go, and that is true of the soft drink market as well. In Europe, the focus is on…

Tastes vary, no matter where you go, and that is true of the soft drink market as well. In Europe, the focus is on natural products and ingredients, while in the Middle East and Africa, consumers prefer juice drinks with intense colors and flavors. As a result, at this year’s SIAL in Paris WILD is presenting not only natural sweeteners but new Milk & Juice products, compelling mouthfeel concepts, and beverages with a high juice content and innovative flavors, all of which were developed to satisfy consumer demand in the EMEA region.

Natural sweetness and surprising flavor profiles

With its sophisticated technologies and its targeted combination of Fruit Up® and Sunwin Stevia™, WILD is in an ideal position to respond to the consumer preference for both full flavor and a significantly lower calorie count. WILD’s well-balanced alternative sweetener does not involve a crystalline-sugar substitute: it blends natural fruit-based sweetening with a lower-calorie solution based on natural sources. As a result, the company can provide an alternative sweetener with a significantly lower calorie count. Furthermore, the system can be easily modified to suit many different flavors. WILD’s sweetening concepts are the perfect match for all sorts of beverages, no matter whether the product is a classic flavor or one of the more exotic options from the Tropical Flavor portfolio.

Another item in the trade-fair product palette is the new strawberry-lime blend: it not only offers manufacturers an excellent flavor, it also provides a choice of different approaches to product positioning. Anything is possible, from classic soft drinks with fresh lime to seasonal summer drinks with fruity strawberry.

For the sector still drinks with dairy components, WILD is presenting new Milk & Juice concepts at SIAL, a direct reaction to consumer preferences in African countries. The Ingredients Expert provides a wide portfolio for this market which ranges from the classic flavor orange-passion fruit-banana all the way to exotic melon mix.

A special mouthfeel

Particularly in the growth markets in the Middle East and Africa, mouthfeel beverages are the talk of the town: still drinks with a special something extra which enhances people’s enjoyment are especially popular. In response to this market specification, WILD has created several concepts with varying juice contents. The products are available with and without fruit cells. Different tropical or berry flavors create even more variety in the product range and open up further sales potential.

The ultimate in enjoyment

There is great demand for beverages with a high juice content, and such products are ideal for premium positioning. With their distinctive flavor and composition, WILD’s products are breathing new life into the market. The company has developed innovative concepts based on 100 % juice that will appeal to a large spectrum of target groups. The company has exciting Fruit & Veggie blends that will win over health- and diet-conscious consumers. Its juice and energy concept is a welldesigned answer to the current trend towards unusual fusion products. It is the perfect combination of health products and the spirit of the day, and natural caffeine gives it a special boost that will interest trend-oriented consumers in particular. These new flavor experiences will set important accents on the functional-juice market and bring new momentum to the market.

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