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People & Events 29.04.2014

Macfrut 2014, The Leading Event For The Fruit And Vegetable Supply Chain Dedicated To Innovation And Internationalisation

After the positive results achieved in 2013, with 24,800 registered visitors and exhibitors from more than 35 countries, Macfrut, the international trade fair for…

After the positive results achieved in 2013, with 24,800 registered visitors and exhibitors from more than 35 countries, Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable supply chain to be held in Cesena (Italy) from 24 to 26 September 2014, is preparing for its next edition. This year, once again, the key word will be internationalisation, which contributed to the success of the previous editions and will increasingly be the main focus of the event.

With a 20 % increase in foreign exhibitors compared to 2012, and a 15 % increase in foreign visitors, thus almost reaching 6,000 registered visitors, Macfrut begins a selective process that focuses on two areas: the Mediterranean Basin and the Balkan region, strategic areas for the production of Western Europe and its technologies. Similarly, by examining the potential demand for technologies for the fruit and vegetable sector in these areas, the international scene offers a particularly wide range of opportunities characterised by short distances for continental producers.

Macfrut provides a targeted high value-added offer and has unique features in the sector scenario. It is a trade fair for the supply chain, where visitors can find all the useful elements to set up strong businesses in the global market. These include seeds, for which Macfrut is an international showcase and many innovations in the vegetable-growing and fruit-growing sectors every year, as well as cultivation and protection techniques, where multinational corporations and leading niche companies specialised in biological pest control play a key role. Last but not least, product processing and preservation technologies, for which the exhibition held in Cesena can rely on the world's leading district specialised in fruit and vegetable applications.

Technological innovation therefore becomes an additional strategic and distinctive element for Macfrut, which makes Cesena's trade fair stand out in an international context, primarily thanks to its unparalleled conference programme: last year, as part of the exhibition, 23 conferences were organised, which involved more than 3,000 participants. In addition, the Oscar Macfrut award ceremony, dedicated to innovative technologies, sees an increase in the number of participants every year and rising expectations of the public. Finally, the territory in which Macfrut is held is a real “fruit valley”, where visitors to the trade fair can find cutting-edge technological applications. Last year's 820 exhibitors, a 2 % increase compared to the previous edition, were involved in more than 480 B2B meetings organised in collaboration with foreign delegations. They are proof of the key role that Macfrut in Cesena plays in this business sector.

Macfrut therefore proves to be a leading event for the international fruit and vegetable industry, and takes place in one of the countries that best represents the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide thanks to its production capacity and range of products. The event will take place in Cesena (Italy) from 24 to 26 September 2014.

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