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News 28.02.2014

Kiwis’ Soft Drink Consumption

On the back of the soft drink/unhealthy food debate, results from…

On the back of the soft drink/unhealthy food debate, results from Southern Cross Health Society’s annual health survey show 35 % of New Zealanders think they consume too many soft drinks.

Furthermore, 16 % of the population said they consume more than five soft/energy drinks a week.

In its survey Southern Cross asked Kiwis about their eating habits and while a significant amount think they over-indulge in fizzy drinks, 43 % of those surveyed said they don’t drink soft drinks at all and 20 % reported having one a week.

Age and region may play a role in consumption. 29 % of Christchurch residents under 40 years and 27 % of Tauranga residents under 40 years drink more than five servings a week. They are aware of it though – 55 % of those under 40 in Tauranga saying they consume too many soft drinks.

Conversely, 67 % of those aged over 40 living in Tauranga consume no soft drinks, the highest percentage in the country.

Aside from soft drinks two other foods people feel they over-consume are chocolate/lollies (41 %) and biscuits (30 %).

When it comes to indulging a sweet tooth, those over 50 years of age consumed chocolate/lollies and biscuits more than five times a week and, of the 14 % that drank alcohol more than five times a week, 60 % were over 50.

The majority of New Zealanders regularly eat fruit (66 %) and vegetables (75 %) more than five times a week with Wellingtonians consuming more fruit and vegetables than the rest of the country.

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