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Process Technology 24.07.2013

SMART DISPENSER – The Clever Dispensing Unit For Food Products

SIG Combibloc and Server Products present the SMART DISPENSER, offering a clever and practical dispensing unit for…

SIG Combibloc and Server Products present the SMART DISPENSER, offering a clever and practical dispensing unit for the food service: the SMART DISPENSER allows food to be dispensed into accurate portions in a way that is easy to handle, more hygienic, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Menu innovations, especially in the beverage category, are driving more customer traffic to coffee chains and quick service restaurants every day. Menu offerings featuring fresh, better-for-you and artisanal beverages are on trend, especially smoothies, fruit infused teas and specialty coffees. The different flavours and versatile preparations available increase customer interest and enhance the dining experience. Especially in the USA, smoothies are becoming a mainstay on most menus and go beyond traditional flavours of mango or strawberry. Chains now offer more exotic fruits such as acai or pomegranate smoothies. In the USA, smoothie drinks alone chalked up sales of 2.5 billion USD in 2012 – an 8 % increase.

“The new SMART DISPENSER is a durable and reusable dispensing unit created by Server. It has been designed for food products that are available and sold in our aseptic carton pack combiblocMaxi, Trisha Prodoehl, Business Development Manager for Foodservice at SIG Combibloc North America, exclaims.  The SMART DISPENSER is very easy to use and allows precise dispensing of products such as flavoured syrups or base mixes for smoothies and cocktails with every stroke. The use of the dispenser makes it easier and cost effective for restaurants to innovate their menus by offering new beverage creations.

The dispenser consists of a lidded box into which the carton pack is placed inside. Then the pump is inserted directly through the overcoated hole, opening the package. With a simple pump action, the product is dispensed in precise amounts, with no mess. The product is safely and hygienically protected – there is no need to transfer the product into another container. The dispenser yields up to 98 % product evacuation to minimize waste.

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