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News 06.08.2012

WILD Presents New Premium Beverage Concepts

Soft drinks which feature fruits of a particular variety are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. WILD identified…

Soft drinks which feature fruits of a particular variety are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. WILD identified this trend and is working with innovative ideas about single-variety products to bring dynamic new accents to the market. Golden Delicious apples and Valencia oranges are the cornerstone of custom-tailored premium concepts that have an excellent taste.

Soft drinks with apple or orange flavor are true consumer favorites. WILD's new concepts with juice from a single kind of fruit enables manufacturers to create products which distinguish themselves from the rest of the market.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious is the world's most popular kind of apple. WILD's new concept features 15 % apple juice from Golden Delicious concentrate. The mild and fruity flavor of this varietal of apples is perfect for drinks which contain a single kind of fruit, creating an USP in comparison with standard sorts of apple juice. Ist premium placement can also be reinforced by indicating the kind of apple on the label. WILD also offers options with a lower fruit-juice content.

Valencia Orange

In the soft-drink sector, orange is one of the most popular flavors around the globe. The market for orange drinks is large, but with its innovative Valencia Orange product ideas, WILD is now offering a way to make drinks distinctive. Available in 3 % and 12 % juice content, the new premium single-variety concepts will win consumers over with the taste of sweet sun-ripened Valencia oranges. Valencia oranges are also ideal as promotional or seasonal products. Their appealing taste and the vivid color of their pulp make them very popular. This orange takes its name from its resemblance to the varietals grown in the Spanish region of Valencia. Nowadays it is primarily cultivated in the US, South Africa and the Mediterranean.

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