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Filling & Packaging 16.07.2012

Brazil: Coffee Flavoured Milk Drinks From Melitta Now In Handy Carton Packs For People On The Move

Global coffee specialist Melitta has opted for the SIG Combibloc packaging system, and is offering its coffee flavoured…

Global coffee specialist Melitta has opted for the SIG Combibloc packaging system, and is offering its coffee flavoured milk drinks “Wake” in combifitSmall 250 ml carton packs – the first time in Brazil for these handy little carton packs that are perfect for consumption on the go. The beverages are available in Toffee, Mocca and Chocoberry (white chocolate and strawberry) flavours.

“Ready-to-drink coffee drinks are becoming more and more popular in Brazil. And with good reason – not only do they taste great, but they perk you up in a natural way. Packaged ready to drink, they’re ideal for mobile consumers who don’t want to miss out on an energising coffee treat even when they’re out and about, such as playing sport or enjoying their leisure time. Traditionally, in Brazil people still mainly brew coffee freshly and drink it hot, but we’re seeing clear potential for growth especially with a dynamic, young consumer group”, says Ricardo Rodriguez, Cluster Head South America at SIG Combibloc.

“Wake” milk mix drinks are filled using a co-packer's CFA 712 filling machine, also supplied by SIG Combibloc. The equipment consists of a high-speed filling machine designed to produce 12,000 packages an hour. Since March, the company officially launched “Wake” in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul in the South of Brazil. The commercial launch is accompanied by a wide-ranging marketing campaign. Under the slogan “So different it cannot be explained. You have to taste it!”, the campaign targets young adults who are often on-the-go.

Melitta: successful in Brazil

Based in Minden, Germany, Melitta has a more than 100-year history and a presence in more than 60 countries. In 1968, the company introduced the paper filter in Brasil, revolutionising coffee-making for countless people. In the 80s, Melitta was the first roaster on Brazil to introduce vacuum packed coffee. “Wake” was exclusively developed for the Brazilian market and is considered by Melitta to be its third innovation breakthrough in the country. Today, Brazil is the second biggest market for the group worldwide, topped only by Europe. Operations in this country rose by 8 % in 2011, yielding 315 million EUR and according to AC Nielsen, Melitta Coffee is the second largest brand of roast and ground coffee in Brazil, and leads in the paper coffee filter category.

Ricardo Rodriguez: “With the Melitta brand beverages, we’re delighted to see delicious products in combifitSmall on the Brazilian market. The perfect launching pad for developing the local presence of the attention-grabbing combifit carton pack in the single-serve format. Just like the combifit formats combifitPremium and combifitMidi, which are already very popular in Brazil, consumers will recognise the combifitSmall carton pack as a special, premium packaging. Then when they hold the carton pack in their hand, this impression is confirmed. The ergonomic design gives the carton pack a firm grip and makes it easy to handle”.

In all format sizes, combifit is a sturdy, slender carton pack which curves outward at the front, and inward at the back. This makes the carton pack exceptionally easy to hold, and on the sales shelf and during transportation, carton packs can be arranged one behind each other in a space-saving manner. Designed as a convenient packaging solution for out-of-home consumption, combifitSmall is aimed at the dynamic adult target group, and at children. The carton pack is provided with a U-shaped drinking straw with a diameter of 8 mm.

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