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Process Technology 13.06.2012

Gentle And Natural: New Compounds For Next Generation Energy Drinks

Sensient Flavors offers a new line of compounds for “Empowering Energy Drinks”, demonstrating that energy drinks can appeal to…

With “Empowering Energy Drinks”, Sensient Flavors presents versatile solutions for health conscious consumers

Sensient Flavors offers a new line of compounds for “Empowering Energy Drinks”, demonstrating that energy drinks can appeal to mature and health conscious consumer groups. Inspired by current market developments, the flavor specialist has created a range of variants that offer premium indulgence thanks to their carefully selected ingredients. Depending on the specific concept, the compounds contain flavoring, sweetening and coloring solutions as well as bioactive and functional ingredients.

Adults in the 30-plus age group are just as attracted to energy drinks as younger consumers, but they expect different benefits: they want ingredients that are as natural as possible, an authentic taste, and a balanced nutritional profile. They also tend to prefer a gentle form of energy supply and want to avoid products which have the well-known “boost and crash” effect.

All variants in Sensient’s new range of compounds are characterized by meticulously combined ingredients and sophisticated flavor combinations. Sea buckthorn, feijoa and the exotic yangmei fruit, for example, convince with both fruitiness and freshness. The yangmei option provides 15 per cent less sugar than standard energy drinks, making it an appealing alternative for consumers who are keeping an eye on calories. Including 15 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, “Au Naturelle” with caffeine and ginseng extract promises vitality, while ‘24/7’, a variant containing low GI carbohydrates, consistently supplies the body with day-long energy.

Michael Moeller, Commercial Director at Sensient Flavors, explains: “Our new compound range enables beverage manufacturers to pursue new positioning options. Many consumers are looking for an energy kick to help them cope with their busy everyday lives. But their intensely sweet and artificial taste means that conventional energy drinks are almost exclusively favoured by young people. Thanks to their natural ingredients, well-balanced nutritional profiles and authentic tastes, our new generation of drinks also appeals to consumers over the age of 30.”

In addition to the proactively developed new Empowering Energy Drinks range, Sensient’s extensive choice of ingredients allows for the creation of versatile energy drink concepts. Be it single components or carefully tailored compounds, the company is able to help customers realize any individual product concept with its comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

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