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Filling & Packaging 03.05.2012

Full BERICAP Closure Range For A Leading Water Bottler In The Caribbean

They are everywhere in the southeastern English-speaking Caribbean: Blue waters bottles…

Blue Waters adopts BERICAP DoubleSeal SuperShorty® 28mm and 38mm

They are everywhere in the southeastern English-speaking Caribbean: Blue waters bottles.

Blue Waters took the sleepy Trinidad water market by storm in May 1999 and has a wide packaging range. Beside 0.4 l, 0.65 l and 1.5 l typical consumer sizes Blue Water also offers bigger container, such as 6 l and 8 l.

Being persuades of its products and global presence Blue Water decided to partner with BERICAP already in 1999 and sourced its closures from BERICAP.

As the market in general moves to the PCO 1881 neck, also Blue Waters followed this trend in 2011 and converted to the light weight neck using again closures from BERICAP: for the sizes above 0.65 l they use the DoubleSeal SuperShorty® Still, saving up to 40 % of weight compared to the previous closure types and necks. BERICAP’s new 28 mm Push Pull closure for PCO 1881 allowed to light weight the smaller packages for on-the-go as well, still providing the same consumer convenience and safety as before.

For their 6 l and 8 l containers, Blue Waters is using BERICAP’s SK 38/15 S 3T MO closure for save sealing, but still providing consumer friendly opening torques.

Lately, Blue Waters became Pepsi co-packer for Trinidad and Barbados in association with Cabcorp, the anchor Pepsi bottler in Central America, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Again, Blue Waters selected BERICAP DoubleSeal SuperShorty® CSD closures for its carbonated beverage range after a very successful test at a Pepsico-appointed independent lab in Mexico.

Working with BERICAP since more than a decade now, Blue Waters always maintained its edge in packaging innovation advised by BERICAP. Also the new light weight closures from BERICAP support Blue Waters’ efforts to produce on a reduced cost base in their 20.000 sqm bottling plant in Trinidad.

Frequently, BERICAP delivers closures to Trinidad, a country of 1.5 million inhabitants with the highest income per capita in Central America and Caribbean.

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