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News 26.04.2012

BERICAP Introduced Successfully HexaLite® 29/11 At Vilas Del Turbon (Spain)

Vilas del Turb—n is considered as the very first Gourmet Water in the Spanish market…

Vilas del Turbón Springs is tradition-conscious: The history talks about a close relationship between the people and the water. We can find information related to the quality and goodness of this special water since the last century: ”This water is very well known and appreciated by those who lives around the Spring, thanks to its healing properties”.

By today, Vilas del Turbón is considered as the very first Gourmet water in the Spanish market, being awarded by the higher qualificationat the “Superior Taste Award’ por el International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)”.

New introduction of 0,5L and 1L PET-bottle

The filling is has formerly been done by non-returnable glass bottles, in a 0,75L and 0,33L size, made especially for the HORECA market, but in September 2011, Vilas del Turbón introduced two new products: the 0,5L and a 1L PET bottle.

The new design has been created very carefully, thinking about consumer needs. So, e.g. the modern, ergonomic bottle format easies the storage and is easy to handle. As a modern light closure Vilas del Turbon chose the BERICAP’s HexaLite® 29/11 solution. HexaLite® closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band (flexband) for efficient TE performance providing good anti-counterfeiting feature at the same time, reliable and forgiving application also on high-speed lines. The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.

The lightweight bottle and the lightweight HexaLite® closure are saving raw material and energy during the production process and protect the environment by reducing the carbon foot print.

The HexaLite® closures is designed to run on high speed filling lines. Combined with the BERICAP chuck technology, Turbón is very satisfied with high production efficiency achieved.

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