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News 10.02.2012

Sensient Flavors: New Pilot Plant Now Fully Operational

Following extensive preparation, Sensient Flavors’ new pilot plant has begun…

Following extensive preparation, Sensient Flavors' new pilot plant has begun operating, producing emulsions, compounds, fruit preparations and beverages. State-of-the-art equipment allows for the realistic simulation of industrial scale production processes. Thus, products can be developed efficiently in close collaboration with customers, and trial runs enable the company to optimize production processes.

Dr Steffen Sonnenberg, technical director at Sensient Flavors, says, "We are extremely pleased that our pilot plant is now fully operational. With its small production run capability, we are able to test our recipes during the development process and optimize them for industrial scale production. Product development takes less time and the need to make revisions is minimized. With this new test plant, we can provide our customers with an efficient development process in which they are actively involved, as they have the opportunity to attend trial runs and make joint decisions."

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