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News 08.02.2012

Ashland Launches Food Ingredient Solutions Targeting Guar Market Shortage

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., has launched two new…

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), has launched two new cellulose gum products – Aquacel™ GSA and Aquacel GSH <> – in response to the current guar shortage affecting the food and beverage industries to help supplement or replace guar. These cellulose gums, which can be used either to supplement or replace guar, offer cost-effective alternatives for beverage, bakery and dairy applications at a time when they are needed most by these markets.

“Volatility in guar availability and pricing has left food manufacturers scrambling for a replacement,” explained Laurie Kronenberg, new product leader, Nutrition Specialties. “In the U.S., guar gums are being used in the oil and gas industry for lubrication. Using guar in this manner is not new, but the recent surge in horizontal drilling technology has increased the demand for guar gum significantly.”

Aquacel GSA and GSH cellulose gums have been developed to enable synergy with guar to provide higher viscosity in liquid phase, moisture holding, fast hydration development, as well as practical application by simple dry mixing. Synergies have been demonstrated in guar gum-to-cellulose gum ratios, ranging from 80:20 to 40:60. This maximizes flexibility when adding cellulose gum. In addition, there is high viscosity across a wide range of blend ratios, allowing for reduced doses of guar in the final formulation.

“Less dosing means less guar is needed during this supply shortage and that there is a cost-effective alternative to escalating prices of guar,” Kronenberg said.

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