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News 16.11.2011

Tate & Lyle Launches Tailor Made Cocoa Replacement Solution With CARCAO™

Tate & Lyle, the global ingredients and food solutions provider, announces the launch of a…

Tate & Lyle, the global ingredients and food solutions provider, announces the launch of a unique tailor made cocoa replacement solution using a high quality carob powder ingredient, CARCAO™. This solution allows food manufacturers to make significant cost savings in the total recipe cost.

With its familiar cocoa-like flavour and colouring, CARCAO™ can be used as a partial cocoa replacement in dairy, bakery and ice cream applications. Working to individual manufacturer briefs, Tate & Lyle can develop bespoke products according to the manufacturer’s desired colour or flavour.

For instance, by adjusting the temperature and roasting conditions during the production of carob powder, Tate & Lyle’s specialists are able to produce a series of different CARCAO™ products, ranging from light brown and sweet tasting to dark brown with a strong unsweetened taste.

Tate & Lyle has developed case studies to demonstrate the cost benefits of using CARCAO™ to manufacturers, including a Chocolate Mousse, a Chocolate tasting Muffin, a Cocoa Drink, a Chocolate Ice Cream and a Cocoa Filling. Those great tasting recipes have similar properties and quality as the full-cocoa alternative and deliver significant cost reductions on the total recipe cost.


CARCAO™ is the brand name of high quality carob powder, which is produced by Tate & Lyle in Noto (Sicily, Italy). CARCAO™ is a fine powder with a naturally sweet taste made from carob tree pods. The carob pods contain sweet pulp and seeds. The seeds are separated from the pulp to make locust bean gum and the pulp is dried, roasted and ground into a powder.

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