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News 09.09.2011

At The End Of The 2011 Campaign, ALL LEMON Announced 25 % Growth Of The Quality Standard Of Its Lemons For Export…

Shortly after the second anniversary of its creation, the ALL LEMON Tested & Certified for Export seal of quality announced…

…Compared To 2010 While Reaching More Asian Destinations

Shortly after the second anniversary of its creation, the ALL LEMON Tested & Certified for Export seal of quality announced the quality standard of its lemons grew by 25 % vis-à-vis 2010, which resulted in lemons with improved fruit quality and a more refined and homogeneous aesthetic. ALL LEMON lemons have high juice content, richer than those produced in the Northern hemisphere from May to September (counter season). During this period, ALL LEMON products are sold in highly competitive markets across the world.

As a result of the momentum gained by the seal of quality, ALL LEMON products have reached new destinations, especially Asian markets such as Hong Kong, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, which provide extraordinary opportunities to deploy exports bearing the ALL LEMON seal of quality.

ALL LEMON continues to grow. The firm, currently formed by twelve major players, has added a new member –Moño Azul, a renowned fruit and citric Argentina-based producer. Therefore, ALL LEMON member companies currently are Argenti Lemon, Citrusvil, Citromax, F.G.F. Trapani, Frutucumán, Ledesma, La Moraleja, Latin Lemon, Moño Azul, Pablo Padilla, San Miguel and Univeg Expofrut Argentina.

ALL LEMON is open to continue adding new members committed to work jointly towards a better product quality. In addition, the firm encourages individual and joint actions to consolidate its members as socially responsible companies, committed to the environment protection, the social development of their employees, and the surrounding communities.

Counteracting frost action  

To avoid the presence in the cases of lemons affected by frost, which is common during July and August in Argentina, each Winter ALL LEMON implements a specific preventive action program that is executed in parallel by the different parties involved: the seal member companies and ALL LEMON inspectors. Both parties are responsible for reinforcing controls in the field and at the packing lines, to ensure customers the utmost care has been taken to protect the fruit released, while strengthening the confidence in the fruit received bearing ALL LEMON seal of quality.

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