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News 11.02.2011

Dole Europe Launches Information Campaign On Its Sustainability Practices In Pineapple Production

Dole Europe launched a web-based information campaign to keep both consumers and…

Dole Europe launched a web-based information campaign to keep both consumers and the trade informed on Dole’s industry-leading sustainability practices in pineapple production in Costa Rica.

European consumers will be prompted by messages on Dole’s pineapple hang tags to visit and learn more about some of Dole’s best practices related to sustainability in pineapple production in Costa Rica. Several initiatives will be presented on a rolling basis throughout 2011.

The campaign will start by showing that pineapple farming at Dole is compatible with forest conservation and the protection of biodiversity. Various tools, such as videos and pictures, will highlight the natural reserves maintained on the farms and show the various mammal species, including some endangered ones, present at Dole El Bosque plantation in Costa Rica. Those mammals were monitored in a survey carried out last July by FUNDECOR, an NGO active in protecting the natural resources of the Costa Rican central mountains. This first round of information will also present Dole’s reforestation programs in Costa Rica.

In addition, the website will contain more general information on pineapple production and presents the Dole farms on which Dole’s Costa Rican pineapples are cultivated.

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