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People & Events 25.02.2011

Döhler At IFE 2011 In London: A Unique Product Portfolio And A Wave Of Innovative Product Applications

The unique Döhler product portfolio is driven by in-depth knowledge of raw materials and the use of…

The unique Döhler product portfolio is driven by in-depth knowledge of raw materials and the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as fermentation and biotechnologies, distillation, extraction and separation, emulsion technology, isolation, precise dosing and mixing processes as well as aseptic production and packaging.

The company offers a unique product portfolio ranging from flavours and emulsions, natural colours, health ingredients, compounds, fruit preparations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage bases, dairy bases, malt and cereal bases all the way to sweetening systems. This comprehensive Döhler portfolio, in combination with fruit and vegetable juices, purees, concentrates and blends, provides an ideal basis for innovative and safe food and beverage applications.

Stevia coming soon to the EU

Stevia, the first all natural sweetener is expected to be approved for use in the EU soon. DöhlerGroup and the market leader for Stevia, PureCircle, have entered into a global strategic partnership for Stevia-based sweetening systems. In this partnership Döhler contributes its comprehensive know-how in sweeteners, sweetening flavours, product formulations and applications. MultiSweet® Stevia are tailored combinations of premium Stevia extracts with the Sweetness Improving Technology (SIT) developed by Döhler. At IFE 2011 the company is showcasing a wide range of beverages sweetened with Stevia.

At IFE 2011 Döhler is Presenting a Wave of Innovations

The trend of natural and healthy beverages influences all categories. In the area of fruit juices, smoothies, nectars and still drinks Döhler is showcasing new applications ranging from breakfast smoothies, and nectars with differentiating top flavours all the way to still drinks with cells and pieces.

For the segment of carbonated softdrinks (CSD), Döhler has developed a complete range of modern CSD applications which span from natural carbonates to “Aqua Plus” formulations using natural sweetening solutions with Stevia. New alternatives such as malt based beverages like an “all free” beer will be available at the Döhler stand for sampling and to discuss.

A wide range of new energy & sport & nutritional beverages will be unveiled at the IFE 2011.

As the leading supplier of high-quality fermented beverage bases Döhler will showcase innovative applications of flavoured wine, sparkling and non-sparkling, with alcohol and as non-alcoholic formulations.

Special designed delivery systems for beverages in food service

Döhler has invested in processing and packaging technology to aseptically pack juice and beverage concentrates and RTU (ready-to-use) products especially designed for the food service market. A wide range of aseptic bag sizes (bag-in-box) for RTU and concentrated dispensing applications are offered to the food service sector.

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