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Process Technology 30.01.2011

SVZ-USA Will Install A New Aseptic Production Line In 2011

SVZ-USA, international producer and supplier of fruit and vegetable ingredients for…

SVZ-USA, international producer and supplier of fruit and vegetable ingredients for the global food industry will install a new aseptic production line in 2011. This builds on SVZ’s aseptic capability in fruit ingredients; enabling the plant to run both low and high acid raw materials into aseptic formats. In addition to frozen vegetable purees and juice concentrates, the new line will launch SVZ into the aseptic vegetable ingredient market. 

SVZ is well positioned to contract-grow large volumes of vegetables in Washington State and build on the strong grower relationships established over the past 10 years. The extensive range of aseptic fruit and vegetable ingredients offers greater reliability and continuity of supply to counter volatile crop cycles. By shifting product formulations from frozen to aseptic ingredients, food producers can reduce supply chain costs, eliminate pre-production tempering, and significantly improve microbiological food safety. Reducing costs and addressing safety issues by moving away from canned to aseptic packaging formats is another significant advantage.

SVZ’s new aseptic line will be capable of running highly viscous (thick) products and managing consistency of viscosity across a processing season. 

Production will commence on the new aseptic line in Q4 2011. Some of the key additions to SVZ’s aseptic product portfolio will be butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, chickpea, and zucchini.

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