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Filling & Packaging 15.01.2011

Casey Container To Focus Entirely On Ramping Up Biodegradable Plastic Preforms And Bottle Manufacturing Capacity

Casey Container Corp. announced that senior management is focusing on the manufacturing of…

Casey Container Corp. announced that senior management is focusing on the manufacturing of its preforms which are used to produce biodegradable plastic bottles and containers.

This decision comes as the Company has received purchase orders and numerous enquiries for its biodegradable plastic solution for bottled water and other consumer product containers that use traditional plastic materials. In light of this focus, the Company has terminated acquisition negotiations with Mountain Green of Arizona, LLC. and will deploy its resources exclusively to meet immediate and escalating demand for biodegradable preforms and bottling products produced using EcoPure®, a revolutionary second-generation proprietary and organic additive licensed to Casey, which when combined with resin used to produce plastic bottles and containers renders the plastic biodegradable.

Over the past several weeks, Casey Container announced receiving purchase orders for its biodegradable plastic preforms from three bottled water companies. These orders include one international, and two domestic companies, providing for weekly delivery of approximately 750,000 biodegradable plastic preforms, or nearly 40 million preforms over the first 12 months once production commences in early 2011.

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