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Health-Ade, the makers of bubbly beverages with gut health benefits, has launched a new beverage brand called SunSip by Health-Ade, a prebiotic soda with benefits that will hit stores in the US. Known for their kombucha, this move positions the brand to become the next leader in the rapidly expanding functional beverage industry, which is estimated to reach USD 62 B in 2027*. While Health-Ade Kombucha has long been a top choice for consumers looking for a better-for-you soda alternative, SunSip by Health-Ade is designed with this exact usage occasion in mind, to better meet new consumers looking for soda alternatives.

SunSip delivers craveable, nostalgic soda flavours while staying true to Health-Ade’s mission to make gut health more delicious and accessible. The brand touts “Life’s Sweeter When You Sip Better,” inspiring consumers to ditch the sugary sodas for this better-for-you upgrade, jam-packed with the delicious flavours they love while also delivering prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

The launch of SunSip responds to overwhelming demand for better beverage options, as the traditional soda market has steadily declined, selling 1.7 billion fewer units over the past two years, and as existing better-for-you alternatives are under heat for the use of sweeteners like stevia and erythritol. SunSip by Health-Ade was strategically formulated to deliver on consumer demands for a full-flavoured, better-for-you soda with added benefits and no artificial sweeteners. Each flavour has 5 grams of sugar and uses fruit juice, monk fruit, and a touch of cane sugar to sweeten its bubbles without stevia and includes what other functional sodas do not: prebiotics from agave inulin fiber to nurture a happy gut, vitamins (it’s a good source of Vitamins C, B6, and B12) and minerals (10 % daily value of Zinc and Selenium) to support your everyday immunity and energy, as well as promote your inner and outer glow.

SunSip launches under the Health-Ade master brand, which retails in 65,000 stores in the US and is well known to be a leader in the gut health beverage industry. After its debut in the Los Angeles farmer’s markets in 2012, the kombucha giant rapidly gained a cult following with celebrities and consumers and continues to lead the industry as the #1 growth contributor. The launch of SunSip marks the first non-kombucha product offered by Health-Ade in the refrigerated premium digestive health category and is part of the brand’s mission to make delicious gut-healthy products for every consumer and drinking occasion.

SunSip by Health-Ade will feature a colourful, bold brand and package design, perfectly capturing the pure joy and refreshment of a summer day, so consumers can keep summer in their step, all year long. Brightly designed SunSip will launch in convenient, take-anywhere 11.5 oz aluminum cans, which in addition to cueing delight and refreshment, are 100 % recyclable and a further step in Health-Ade’s commitment to making a positive impact both on gut health and the planet.

The new soda with benefits will launch with four mouthwateringly tasty flavours: Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Cola, Strawberry Vanilla and Root Beer — mirroring nostalgic soda flavours to transport you back to those sweet summer days — and will be available exclusively at Whole Foods in the US this month and expanding into multiple retailers from April 2024 and onwards.

*Source: US Functional Beverage Market Insights | Glanbia Nutritionals

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., a leading international provider of consumer cannabis products, announced the launch of Zero Proof, a new brand of THC drinkables in fast-acting, sessionable and easy-to-use formats. The brand’s inaugural product offering, Squeeze, is now available at all Curaleaf locations in Illinois, US and will be followed by additional SKUs in the coming months.

Zero Proof Squeeze follows Select’s popular THC-infused beverage enhancer, Select Squeeze, originally launched in March 2021. While similar in functionality and effect, Zero Proof Squeeze has been reformulated with natural sweetener to provide a significantly lighter taste and balanced flavour profile for enhanced mixability. The beverage complement offers a uniquely controllable and customisable experience with an easy-to-pour dispenser and compact design delivering 2.5 mg THC per dose for discreet enjoyment on the go.

Utilising nanotechnology, Zero Proof Squeeze provides a truer-to-flower experience with effects felt in as little as 15 – 30 minutes, significantly faster than traditional edibles. By turning cannabis oil into tiny water-soluble molecules, the THC compounds dissolve evenly into any beverage and are more rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. At launch, four delicious, low calorie and gluten-free flavours will be available including Dash of Cherry, Dash of Orange, Dash of Lime and Dash of Sweet.

“Zero Proof exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality, consistent consumer products in familiar and approachable formats that model traditional consumer packaged goods,” said Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf. “Curaleaf has been on the forefront of creating sophisticated cannabis experiences which we believe will ultimately redefine the way people socialise. We’re proud to bring Zero Proof Squeeze to our patients and customers in Illinois first before expanding to additional markets.”

According a new Gallup poll, the rate of alcohol consumption in the U.S. continues to decline with 62 % of adults under age 35 reporting they drink alcohol, down 10 % from two decades ago. Zero Proof is the latest addition to Curaleaf’s brand portfolio that seeks to redefine how people socialise by delivering a fast-acting, sessionable alternative to alcohol.

Zero Proof Squeeze is now available at all Curaleaf dispensaries in Illinois as well as wholesale dispensaries across the US.

About Curaleaf Holdings
Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. is a leading international provider of consumer products in cannabis with a mission to enhance lives by cultivating, sharing and celebrating the power of the plant. As a high-growth cannabis company known for quality, expertise and reliability, the Company and its brands, including Curaleaf, Select, and Grassroots provide industry-leading service, product selection and accessibility across the medical and adult-use markets. In the United States, Curaleaf currently operates in 19 states with 152 dispensaries and employs nearly 5,500 team members. Curaleaf International is the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in Europe with a unique supply and distribution network throughout the European market, bringing together pioneering science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production. Curaleaf is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol CURA and trades on the OTCQX market under the symbol CURLF.

Givaudan, a global leader in taste and wellbeing, and Manus Bio, a leading biomanufacturer of natural products, announced the launch of BioNootkatone, a breakthrough ingredient that answers market demand for sustainable, natural, clean-label citrus flavour without the cost and supply volatility of traditional citrus extracts. In addition to these benefits, BioNootkatone offers a refreshing, natural citrus taste that can be used in a variety of food and beverages.

BioNootkatone is the result of Givaudan’s analytical, flavour, and processing expertise combined with the successful application of Manus Bio’s BioAssemblyLine Cell Factory engineering platform. BioNootkatone uses a non-GMO sugar source as the starting material and is made without using any citrus ingredients. It is the most cost-effective and sustainable natural nootkatone available on the market.

With a proprietary biomanufacturing and downstream process, Manus Bio and Givaudan are able to deliver a consistent high-quality product. Further, BioNootkatone is less impactful for climate change than nootkatone derived from citrus, because it is a comparatively lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission ingredient. The development is an example of both Manus Bio’s and Givaudan’s strong commitment to sustainability and their purpose-driven innovation.

Nootkatone is a widely used ingredient in many citrus flavours and products around the world. Givaudan’s BioNootkatone has a superior taste profile and offers signature woody, citrus, and peely notes, without any of the off-notes often found in other nootkatones currently available on the market.

BioNootkatone will become an important component of Givaudan’s expansive Taste product portfolio, supporting its strategy to enable the co-creation of food experiences for consumers. As such, Givaudan is exclusively commercialising BioNootkatone globally with Manus Bio retaining all manufacturing rights.

The companies plan to continue their partnership, deploying Manus Bio’s powerful BioAssemblyLine Cell Factory engineering platform to bring other natural and sustainable ingredients to market.

Biosyntia has secured a Series B funding round of 11.5 million euros from a strong syndicate of experienced venture capital investors. The round was closed with an investment from the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) and the two existing investors, Sofinnova Partners and Novo Seeds, the early-stage investment and company creation team of Novo Holdings A/S. The investment will allow the company to enter the production phase of its first-of-its-kind, natural and sustainable active ingredients as well as expand the pipeline of products. The first product to be commercialized is a bio-based biotin (vitaminB7), for use in dietary supplements, food, and beauty products.

Biosyntia is an industrial biotech company delivering nature’singredients at scale both affordably and sustainably. Using cutting-edge biotechnology and proprietary R&D tools and insights, the company is developing first-of-its-kind precision fermentation processes to replace fossil-based alternatives. Its vision is to develop a natural and environmentally-friendly production process of essential nutritional active ingredients, reducing the use of petrochemically-based processes and driving a positive environmental impact. The company today has several commercial partnerships, including collaborations with large market players such as Givaudan and WACKER.

Nano Shot is launching their collection of CBD-infused beverages made with real fruit juice, no artificial flavours, zero calories/sugars and no THC. The product line, with its proprietary Nano emulsification technology, allows adult consumers to experience a near instant calm and relaxing sensation unlike most of the other options in the marketplace.

With stress, anxiety, and mental health issues on the rise in the post pandemic era, Nano Shot is launching their collection of CBD-infused beverages made with real fruit juice, no artificial flavours, zero calories/sugars and no THC. The product line, with its proprietary Nano emulsification technology, allows adult consumers to experience a near instant calm and relaxing sensation unlike most of the other options in the marketplace. Nano Shot is the contemporary solution for today’s health and wellness conscious consumer seeking real functionality and is currently available on-line ( and in select markets throughout the US.

The collection is available in ready-to-drink 2oz. bottles and includes four flavours: Blueberry-Pomegranate, Pineapple-Coconut, Mango-Hot Chili, and Citrus.

Larry Harmon, Creator and Founder of Nano Shot developed the brand from a very personal space: “My mother was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and I knew that a 100 % natural CBD formulation, if created with a strict focus on the most scientifically advanced nano-emulsification process, could provide a product that assists with enhancing the quality of her daily life. I am very proud of our science and our team and can’t wait to spread the Nano Shot benefit to consumers across the country and the world.”

Performance Drink Group, Inc, a new force in the manufacturing of unique Sports Nutrition and Energy Drinks, announced that “Pro Boost”, a new 2 FL OZ (60 ml) zero-calorie, zero-sugar energy supplement drink, is now available to order in the US.

Pro Boost is available to order through and the Company has already begun taking pre-orders direct from retailers who see this as an explosive space to be entering. Consumers are able to place orders now through the website and product will start to be delivered both to retailers and consumers alike from June 1, 2022.

Management is focused on driving sales of Pro Boost by targeting distribution through specialty-supplement retail, as well as the traditional grocery and convenience store space. The direct to consumer model via the Company’s website is said to also be crucial in the success of the product.

James Gracely, Senior Vice President of Performance Drink Group stated that “Pro Boost will mobilize an often undervalued beverage consumer by focusing on the gamer/streamer community. Pro Boost will have a wide appeal in all classes of trade as we seek placement across a broad spectrum of high-impact high-volume retail end-points.”

In addition to energizers like Taurine, Malic Acid, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, and L-Phenylalanine, Pro Boost features a robust burst of B Vitamins, including 100 % of the recommended daily value for Niacin, 2,000 % of the recommended daily value for Vitamin B6, 100 % of the recommended daily value for Folic Acid, and 8,333 % of the recommended daily value for Vitamin B12.

Pro Boost contains no calories, no sugar, no GMO, no gluten, no artificial colours, and no preservatives.

The new caps, introduced by BBL in Ireland, Cido Grupa in the Baltics, LY Company Group and Lactalis Puleva in Spain and Weihenstephan in Germany, have been designed to prevent litter and accelerate transition to renewable materials.

Joining forces with leading beverage producers, Tetra Pak is launching tethered caps on carton packages. Marking a significant milestone in the company’s long-term work on design for recycling, five new tethered cap solutions are currently being introduced across Ireland, the Baltics , Spain and Germany in different product categories – a market first for these geographies. As part of a wider programme, this development paves the way for Europe-based customers to stay ahead of schedule and meet the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive coming into force by 2024.

Tetra Pak partners with leading beverage brands to launch the world’s first tethered caps on carton packages
Julia Luscher (Photo: Tetra Pak)

Julia Luscher, Vice President Marketing, Tetra Pak, comments: “We are delighted to be supplying a number of customers with tethered cap solutions, helping them to ‘walk the talk’ towards their sustainability ambitions. Understanding our customers’ needs and having collected consumer insights through multiple pieces of research across various markets, our new tethered caps have been designed to enhance convenience. For instance, they are easy to open and re-close for subsequent consumption, while featuring carefully sized diameters for smooth pouring and drinking.”

Tethered caps play an important role in preventing litter, as the cap will stay attached to the package. They could also help reduce the carbon footprint of the carton when they are chosen by food manufacturers as plant-based options, made from polymers derived from responsibly sourced sugarcane, thereby increasing the renewable content of the package. Additionally, a majority of Tetra Pak’s tethered cap portfolio features a reduced amount of plastic. Depending on the various solutions, the company achieved a plastic content reduction ranging between 7 % and 15 %.

Marco Marchetti, Vice President Packaging Materials, Sales and Distribution Solutions, Tetra Pak, adds: “Starting with these five new introductions, we are planning to equip approximately 300 packaging lines with tethered caps in Europe by the end of 2022. Considering the scale of change required across the value chain, early collaborations like these are putting the food and beverage industry on a fast track to accelerate the transition to a low carbon circular economy.”

In May, Borrisoleigh Bottling Ltd (BBL) is set to start commercial production of the new plant-based C38 Pro tethered cap on Tetra Top® 330 and Tetra Top® 500 carton packages. Based in Ireland, BBL is an experienced and awarded water producer, who’s seeking ‘to lead the industry towards a more responsible and sustainable future’.

  • The new HeliCap 26 Pro closure – on a Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 1000 Square package – is being tested since February 2022 in the Baltics with Cido Grupa, who is leading the juice segment in that region since many years and exporting its products to over 20 countries across the globe.
  • In Spain, LY Company Group – that is driving the growth of carton-packaged water in the country, with the mission of ‘reaching a turning point in which both society and companies are aware of the importance of choosing sustainable packaging for the conservation of the planet’ – will soon start commercial production of the new plant-based DreamCap™ 26 Pro closure on a Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 Square package.
  • In the same country, Lactalis Puleva – part of the Lactalis Group, a world leading dairy company – has chosen to test the new HeliCap 23 Pro closure. The cap, in its plant-based option, has been applied to Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Slim packages for the brand Lauki, on shelf since March this year.
  • Weihenstephan, one of the oldest and most popular German dairy brands, will soon test the production of the new LightWing 30 closure, on a Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge carton.

The company has also heavily invested towards an improved manufacturing experience for customers. Tetra Pak’s new high quality, automated production lines for tethered caps utilise Artificial Intelligence technology for increased efficiency.

Tetra Pak partners with leading beverage brands to launch the world’s first tethered caps on carton packages
Marco Marchetti (Foto: Tetra Pak)

Marchetti concludes: “We are on a journey towards creating the world’s most sustainable food package, a carton that is fully made from responsibly sourced renewable or recycled materials, is fully recyclable and carbon-neutral. We are ramping up investment in the development of alternative solutions across our packaging portfolio such as tethered caps and other drink-from systems, to reduce littering while increasing the renewable share of our cartons.”

“In total, we are investing around EUR 400 million in the development and roll-out of tethered cap solutions, including a EUR 100 million investment last year in our Châteaubriant plant in France to accelerate the production of tethered closures. By working seamlessly across multiple project streams and covering approximately 40 different packages with tethered caps, we expect to sell over 1.5 billion such closures by year end.”

SIG opens next round of SIGCUBATOR applications

With start-up companies already benefitting from SIG’s SIGCUBATOR accelerator program, SIG is once again offering new food and beverage innovators an amazing no-strings opportunity to get their exciting new product idea to market. Interested start-ups can apply now at no cost via until 28 February 2022.

This is the fourth time SIG has opened-up its SIGCUBATOR accelerator program to forward-thinking food and drink start-ups and small businesses, eager to partner with SIG at no cost or obligation, to help launch their products. It is these small entrepreneurial start-ups who are increasingly driving industry innovation and value creation. However, many don’t have the volume to produce big batches with co-packers or the expertise and financial ability to invest in their own production plant. This is where SIG can offer an incredible opportunity.

SIGCUBATOR takes innovative start-up ideas on a ‘consumer-centric’ journey, from testing prototypes in SIG’s test centre in Germany, through to a successful launch to market. SIG is there to help at every step, giving expert advice, consumer-focused insights, and access to its extensive global network within the food and beverage industry.

SIG partnering with start-ups and co-manufacturers brings opportunities to all three parties: SIG’s expertise, filling capabilities, and industry network help talented start-ups launch innovative concepts, which can then be commercially filled at one of SIG’s co-packing partners. This creates space for further innovation to assure a speedy launch to market. For co-packers, such partnerships help them enter and experience new and attractive beverage categories and grow these innovative segments in the future. For SIG, working together with forward-thinking food and beverage start-ups is key to driving innovation and value creation.

Food and drink start-ups can apply now at All ideas are welcome – as the famous saying goes “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. SIG can also be contacted directly at after the closing date.

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., announced the launch of Frutas Frescas, a new line of light and refreshing beverages made with real fruit juice in a variety of exciting fruit flavours – all with fewer calories and sugar than leading juice drinks. The launch of Frutas Frescas builds on Ocean Spray’s health and wellness-focused innovation, as well as brings to life the cooperative’s mission of connecting farms to families for a better life.

Available in three flavour offerings rooted in the cranberry – Cranberry Pineapple Passion Fruit, Cranberry Lemon Raspberry, and Cranberry Raspberry Pear – Frutas Frescas is made with real fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners, and 100 % daily value of antioxidant Vitamin C per serving.

In addition, Ocean Spray introduces two new flavours of 100 % Juice – Cranberry Elderberry and Cranberry Watermelon – both a delicious blend of flavours with no sugar added. This marks the first extension of flavours to the 100 % Juice line since 2017. These launches accompany the newly available 64-ounce bottles of Growing Goodness™ product line, all available in Walmart stores across the US this month.

The suggested retail price of Ocean Spray® Frutas Frescas is $2.98 per 64-ounce bottle, Ocean Spray 100 % Juice is $3.28 per 64-ounce bottle, and Ocean Spray Growing Goodness is $2.98 per 64-ounce bottle.

Krones Inc. announces the launch of the Krones Process Group North America to provide a more cohesive offering to the beverage, dairy, and food industries in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. An evolutionary next step since the acquisition of Tampa, FL based Trans-Market, LLC in 2016; Rochester, NY-based Javlyn Process Systems, LLC in 2017; and Waukesha, WI-based W.M. Sprinkman Corp in 2018, this holistic offering combines over 165 years of industry experience in design and implementation of turnkey process systems including engineering, automation, installation, distribution, and Lifecycle Service. All of this expertise is backed by a global industry leader in processing, packaging, and intralogistics technology that is KRONES.

With this launch comes the consolidation of W.M. Sprinkman’s production capabilities into its Elroy, WI facilty and Trans Market’s Tampa, FL location. While the W.M. Sprinkman Waukesha facility is planning to close, sales, engineering, and administrative functions will continue in the Waukesha/Milwaukee area. Other Krones Process Group North American offices will remain at their current New York, Florida, Texas, and California locations. The realignment is intended to further strengthen operational efficiencies with the launch of Krones Process Group North America.

“When we decided to acquire three process technology companies several years ago, we already had the vision of a strong, combined, high performing processing group in mind,” says Holger Beckmann, CEO of Krones Inc. “With our wide-ranging expertise and highest commitment to customer satisfaction, we expect to further grow the process technology segment in the future.”

“This launch brings together some of the best process system design expertise the industry has to offer,” says Victor Tifone, president of Javlyn Process Systems. “Going to market as one comprehensive process team gives us a heightened level of agility and responsiveness in serving our customers’ daily needs.”

“Krones Process Group North America leverages the strengths of all three entities to provide streamlined solutions,” says Keith Santi, president of Trans-Market LLC. “As one unified force we are able to better deliver seamless processing solutions to our marketplace.”

Leading coconut water brand Vita Coco is debuting a new line of functional coconut water with MCT next spring.

Vita Coco Boosted blends coconut water, coconut cream, coconut MCT oil, B vitamins and tea extract to give consumers a new, modern way to get their fix of all-day energy, without the jitters or crash. The new product will be available in three, delicious cafe flavors – Vanilla Latte, Coconut Chocolate and Chai – with 40 milligrams of caffeine and less than 5g of sugar per drink. Unlike other MCT drinks on the market,Vita Coco Boosted has no added sugar or added sweeteners.

As consumers continue to seek out holistic ways to increase their energy and focus, Vita Coco is leveraging energy-boosting coconut MCT oil to create a coconut water beverage that meets consumers’ needs.

“We’re always looking to find new innovative ways to leverage the goodness of coconuts to provide consumers with relevant products. We all need more energy and focus now more than ever, and the launch of Boosted could not be better timed,” said Michael Kirban, co-founder and CEO of Vita Coco. “MCT as a functional ingredient is growing rapidly, and our unique combination of coconut water with coconut MCT oil offers consumers an accessible, versatile product that can be enjoyed as a sidekick to your coffee, an addition to your smoothie or any time you need a pick-me-up.”

Vita Coco Boosted will launch regionally and will be available for $3.29 for a16.9-oz TetraPak in select retail stores and on Amazon in March 2021.

The first energy drink under the Coca-Cola brand will launch in Europe in April, the company announced.

Coca-Cola Energy, which will debut in Spain and Hungary, features caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts, B vitamins and no taurine – all with a great Coca-Cola taste and feeling that people know and love. A no-sugar, no-calorie option also will be available. Both will be offered in 250-ml cans.

As a total beverage company, Coca-Cola continues to evolve its portfolio to bring people more of the drinks they want – from organic teas, to juices, to enhanced waters, to ready-to-drink coffees, to new variants of Coca-Cola. The launch of Coca-Cola Energy is the latest articulation of this strategy.

A visual identity and marketing campaign will support the launch of Coca-Cola Energy, which is designed primarily for young adults, age 18 to 35. The new brand will be promoted in line with The Coca-Cola Company’s responsible marketing guidelines. These include, in line with UNESDA (European Soft Drink Association) guidelines, no sampling in proximity to primary and secondary schools and never promoting mixing with alcohol.

Sonoma Brands, a consumer products incubator and venture fund founded by Jon Sebastiani, announces its launch of ZÜPA NOMA: a single-serve & family sized chilled vegetable soup. “Whole without the bowl,” ZÜPA NOMA offers a convenient, on-the-go meal replacement or snack and made its west coast launch on July 1 in the Pacific Northwest, Northern, and Southern California in select retailers such as Sprouts.
Sonoma Brands launched in January 2016 as Sebastiani’s next endeavor following the acquisition of KRAVE Jerky by The Hershey Company. ZÜPA NOMA marks the first brand to launch under the Sonoma Brands incubator umbrella.

“Sonoma Brands’ mission is to push boundaries, invigorate dormant categories and adapt to ever-changing consumer needs,” said Founder of Sonoma Brands, Jon Sebastiani. “The $8 billion soup category is ripe for disruption and we believe that ZÜPA NOMA will revitalize the category with innovation, fresh ingredients and flavor that deliver a liquid feast. Growing up in the rich agricultural community of Sonoma, growing grapes, I have a deep-rooted appreciation for quality ingredients and that has influenced the high quality, organic vegetables that are found in our HPP produced fresh ZÜPA NOMA soup.”

Food blogger, cookbook author, wife and mother, Ayesha Curry, and professional triathlete and Ironman champion, Meredith Kessler, are joining forces with ZÜPA NOMA to encourage consumers to avoid sugary pressed fruit juices and “DRINK YOUR VEGGIES.” With their busy schedules, both Curry and Kessler appreciate ZÜPA NOMA’s great taste and nutrition on-the-go.

“In my kitchen, I love having the freshest and highest quality ingredients to cook with and I am thrilled to partner with ZÜPA NOMA, whose approach is the same,” said Ayesha Curry. “ZÜPA NOMA is made up of the best, organic, whole vegetables and other healthy ingredients that deliver incredible flavor and nutrition, while offering a super convenient meal or snack that fits into my busy life.”

“When I’m training, healthy eating and convenience are top-of-mind,” said Meredith Kessler. “I love that ZÜPA NOMA is a grab-and-go meal replacement or snack that offers all of the nutrients I need, as well as great flavor, when I’m going for a ride, swim or run. Packed with Vitamin C, it’s the perfect recovery fuel!”

The namesake of this “better-for-you” brand stems from the rich history of the region where Sonoma Brands calls home. ZÜPA NOMA comes in six flavors that honor the culinary traditions of Sonoma, including Organic Tomato Gazpacho, Organic Yellow Pepper Habanero, Organic Beet Orange Basil, Organic Tomatillo Jalapeno, Organic Carrot Coconut Lime and Organic Cucumber Avocado Fennel.

ZÜPA NOMA is certified organic, low-glycemic, nutrient dense, high in fiber and absolutely delicious. This on-the-go chilled soup is low in calories, low in sugar and offers a great source of vitamins, with powerhouse ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, olive oil, turmeric and ginger. Now available on the west coast, 12oz. bottles retail for $6.99.

For more information about ZÜPA NOMA, please visit and for more information about Sonoma Brands, please visit