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New product helps food manufacturers ensure premium quality, reduced sugar fruit spreads meeting clean label requirements and capitalizing on the healthy living trend

Capitalizing on the low-sugar trend, DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed GRINDSTED® Pectin PRIME 541, a new product that will allow food manufacturers to formulate new appealing reduced sugar fruit spreads recipes faster than ever and without processing hurdles.

GRINDSTED® Pectin PRIME 541 is designed to increase flexibility: it doesn’t require calcium addition, has an improved tolerance to heat and can work in a wide range of fruit types, sugar levels and fruit levels.

“This product was developed in response to customer requests,” said Eva Lynenskjold, principal application specialist, Fruit Application, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “The improved formulation and process flexibility makes it possible, in a minimum amount of time, to develop and produce reduced sugar fruit spreads with outstanding quality, and at the same time reduce the number of pectin SKU’s needed.”

Increased consumer awareness of healthier diets makes sugar reduction a focal point for fruit spread manufacturers. As the premium fruit spread market makes new gains, continuously improving today’s standards, it is essential that sugar reduction does not negatively impact product quality. Prime 541 allows food manufacturers to meet the quality demands on appearance, texture and flavor for reduced sugar fruit spreads while also meeting clean label requirements.(1)

GRINDSTED® Pectin PRIME 541 provides maximum functional performance based on sustainable raw materials and processes. With unparalleled application knowledge from DuPont, it ensures food manufacturers’ solutions enter the market rapidly with minimum impact on their development time and cost.

(1) The clean label advantage with using GRINDSTED® Pectin PRIME 541 is that calcium salts are not required, however, the pectin itself must be declared in the ingredients list of the final consumer product.