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Like apple. Says esarom, the Austrian producer of flavours and compounds and makes us curious to get to know more about the trendy taste for 2020.

esarom has created an extensive apple portfolio which goes beyond the actual fruit: On the one hand there is the delicate apple blossom, on the other hand the harvested and already processed apple in the form of cider, apple spirit, apple pie or baked apple.

There are flavours where the character of individual apple varieties like Gala, Golden Delicious or Granny Smith is in the foreground, but you can also enquire for profiles like juicy-sweet, crispy-fresh or sour-tangy.
It is astonishing how diverse in taste a fruit can be which has become for us an everyday product.
Originating from real fruit and apple juice of different apple varieties nature identical flavours have been created orientating on those taste profiles. The flavour profile depends on the wishes of the beverage producer and also includes natural flavours which are suitable for organic products.

Considering the current food trends esarom has been right to choose the apple as trendy fruit. The apple being at home in more than 100 countries of the world, the apple has been the cosmopolitan among fruits and at the same time almost everywhere a local fruit – thus the taste of the apple fits perfectly to concepts which focus on local fruits. Every child is familiar with the saying “an apple a day…” and it also reflects the healthy image of the apple. Consistent: products which focus on the trendy topic Health & Wellbeing and taste like apple. The taste of apple has been a timeless taste which has always been there and still is a top taste. Among the world-wide beverage launches of the last two years together with orange and lemon it has been among the top 3 flavours.*

The curious consumer who likes to try out new things – the trend scouts of Innova speak of Adventurous Consumer, top Trend Number One 2019 – would like to be surprised and rewards interesting concepts with a Like which combine familiar and popular aspects and are enriched by unexpected flavour notes.

The apple is a sociable fruit and goes well with many fruits like with the popular botanicals. This results in classical products with a trendy twist which have potential that they are liked by many – consumers and producers alike.

The esarom apple portfolio enables to offer with the fruit apple alone to offer a diversity of seasonal products for an entire year: in spring an energy drink with apple blossom awakens the spirits of life, a water-based apple drink with the taste of the variety Braeburn serves as a thirst quencher in the hot summer months. Autumn is the time of the cider – there are cider notes from sweet to tangy in an alcohol-free soft drink for the Young Urbans. When winter begins Hygge is the motto and baked apple is the taste of the season.

* Source Mintel GNPD