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„Food and Agribusiness in 2030: A Roadmap“

At the moment of writing, we are in the last quarter of an incredible year. The world is facing an astonishing number of changes resulting from one of the worst pandemics ever. Food, agribusiness, and biofuel chains will be working in a new macro environment and will operate differently after 2020. These structural changes come on top of the need to increase food production to feed 9 billion people in 2050 and the urgency to increase renewable sources of energy to promote sustainability, save resources and limit climate change.

Food and Agribusiness in 2030: A Roadmap” offers tools for understanding this new macro environment and helps to position food chains. It helps companies to take advantage of opportunities. The tools relate to strategic planning of food chains in the new scenario, understanding what will happen with chain participants, where markets will grow, how consumers will behave, how sustainability will gain importance, and how cooperatives, associations and other forms of collective actions will gather force.

The goal of this book is to offer something very practical so that companies and other public or private organisations can read a chapter and start discussing what they should do next and take a look at their roadmap. Good luck with your planning process.

Please download „Food and Agribusiness in 2030: A Roadmap“ free of charge as pdf-file.