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The trade fair duo reached around 35,000 trade visitors in 2024, with the focus on product diversity as well as dialogue, interaction and cooperation.

From 13 to 16 February 2024, the international organic food and natural and organic cosmetics community met in Nuremberg for BIOFACH and VIVANESS. Around 35,000 trade visitors from 128 countries attended the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care. They were inspired by the diverse range of products and services offered by a total of 2,550 exhibitors from 94 countries. In addition to the products, the focus was primarily on the numerous dialogue formats. Ask questions and find answers for a sustainable future: Participants were able to play an active role for example in the congress, the new meeting point HoReCa – GV & Gastro1, or the SustainableFutureLab.

“Coming together and entering into dialogue is essential, especially in turbulent times – the last four days have shown this impressively. The players discussed and interacted in the exhibition halls, at the congress and in other dialogue formats such as the new meeting point HoReCa – GV & Gastro with a focus on the future and a great deal of creative drive,” summarises Petra Wolf, Member of the Executive Board, NürnbergMesse. “Politicians have already paved the path for more organic food in out-of-home catering. We are delighted that the relevant players have responded so positively to our newly created range of formats. Not least in the sessions of the interactive and collaborative SustainableFutureLab, it became clear that we can only shape the future together as a community!”


171 well-founded and high-calibre individual sessions demonstrated the future-oriented focus of the congress. Targeted questions, for example on current market developments and trends or political and legal framework conditions, were answered here for the almost 8,000 interested visitors. In the congress rooms, the participants discussed and jointly developed solutions for an ecological transformation. The focus topic “Food for the Future: Women and Sustainable Food Systems” was discussed by almost 700 listeners.


“In 2024, more than 10,000 participants took advantage of the hybrid trade fair and registered at BIOFACH and VIVANESS digital. Over the past three years, we have continuously developed the hybrid aspects of the trade fair. Now we are all the more pleased about the growing popularity, which confirms that we are on the right track. The community is increasingly benefiting from the added value and, above all, utilizing the opportunities for interaction,” explains Dominik Dietz, Digital Product Manager, NürnbergMesse. Much of the content from the congress will continue to be available after the trade fair.

Best New Product Awards BIOFACH and VIVANESS

For three days, visitors had the opportunity to vote for their favorite product in seven categories for the Best New Product Awards at both trade fairs. In 2024, voting was possible both at the novelty stands on site and on the digital event platform.

Winner of the Best New Product Award BIOFACH Drinks: Riegel Bioweine: „PFANDtastico – Italian and Spanish organic wines in 0.75 litre returnable bottles

1HoReCa = Hotel, Restaurant, Catering / GV = Out-of-home Catering

There are new developments at BIOFACH, World Leading Lrade Trade Fair for Organic Food. In July 2023, Steffen Waris took on the role of Exhibition Director for the trade fair, reinforcing the team led by Danila Brunner, Executive Director Exhibitions. Brunner will continue to have overall responsibility for the combined BIOFACH and VIVANESS trade fair.

Steffen Waris has wide-ranging experience in trade fair and event management. For more than a decade, he held various roles at Mineralientage Munchen (the trade fair for minerals, fossils, gemstones, and jewellery in Munich). These included positions in marketing, leading the technical services, and event management. He will now give BIOFACH the benefit of his extensive expertise.

“After a brief excursion into the logistics segment, I am very pleased to be finally breathing in the trade fair atmosphere again. Bringing people together and helping them to network is what drives me. I also live and love team spirit, which is why the close contact to our customers, exhibitors, visitors, and media representatives is so hugely important to me,” says Waris.

“In Steffen Waris we have gained an experienced trade fair expert,” explains Brunner. “I am looking forward to working with him and our entire team as we continue to successfully develop BIOFACH and VIVANESS and create inspiring experiences for our customers.”

Waris made a conscious decision in favour of BIOFACH and the organic food sector. Not only does it match his personal values and expectations; it also aligns with his professional objectives. “BIOFACH offers an incredibly fascinating environment. The segment is facing some challenges due to both market forces and political decisions, and there is a lot of movement within it. It is an honour to be part of such an exciting and dynamic sector!”

BIOFACH and VIVANESS returned to their February slot with an impressive first in-person show following the one-off Summer Edition in 2022. During the four-day event from 14 to 17 February 2023, they attracted almost 36,000 trade visitors from 135 countries. ‘Strong’ and ‘confident’ describe the start to the year’s international events for the organic foodstuffs and natural and organic personal care sector. The focus was on variety, networking and professional interaction, and the highly topical Congress theme of “Organic. Food Sovereignty. True Prices”. The organic sector and the combined trade fair event proved crisis-resistant, as they demonstrated with revenues of €15.3 billion for the German organic market in 2022 (BÖLW) and €125 billion globally in 2021 (IFOAM/FiBL), in addition to an impressive total of 2,765 exhibitors from 95 countries at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023.

Tina Andres, Chair of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (German Federation of the Organic Food Industry, BÖLW): “We are caught between a paradigm shift and a polycrisis, and we need to provide the right answers now to deal with the crises affecting energy, the climate and biodiversity. Organics offers direct, functional and trailblazing answers to achieve a social and environmental transformation, and thus an agricultural and food industry that is suitable for the coming generations without overstretching the planet’s resources. With its slogan Paving the Path, BIOFACH is showing the way as the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food.
It sets the tone and serves as an anchor and a model for the entire sector. It is a place for innovative, committed business operators and visionaries to network, with a clear focus on ‘30 percent organic’ by 2030, and using positive, powerful examples to illustrate how we can shape the future differently.”

Petra Wolf, Member of the Executive Board, NürnbergMesse: “BIOFACH and VIVANESS are not only back in their February slot but also impressively demonstrated their role as an international sector gathering and a launch pad for the year’s activities during the past four days. The industry players here in Nuremberg showed themselves to be full of strength and strategies for the future. The positive atmosphere that was palpable in the exhibition halls was deeply moving and filled me with joy at a personal level. It is remarkable how rich, inspiring, solution-focused and forward-looking this sector is. Organic is the future!”

BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress: Organic. Food Sovereignty. True Prices

The BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress, with a total of 120 professionally polished individual sessions and high-calibre participants, attracted almost 8,000 delegates and once again proved to be a forward-looking forum for the sector. In addition to the keynote theme of “Organic. Food Sovereignty. True Prices”, with up to 125 interested listeners and participants in the individual sessions, the focus was also on questions of current market developments and trends, as well as the political and legal framework. The session on the international market situation, “Global Organic Market Overview”, as part of the BIOFACH Forum, drew the highest attendance in 2023 with 242 participants.

Extending the trade fair experience digitally

Around one in four of the participants in BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023 also made use of the services offered by the digital event platform, most of them as hybrid participants. They attended in person, but also used the platform as a digital add-on before and during the combined trade fair. The Congress content will continue to be available after the event.

Save the date: BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2024, the next event in the series, will take place at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 13 to 16 February 2024.

Experiencing BIOFACH and VIVANESS means benefiting from the best of two worlds. This works by creating a meaningful combination of digital opportunities and on-site trade fair activities. The global organic foodstuffs and natural and organic personal care community will hold its next gathering at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 14 to 17 February 2023, when international trade visitors will be inspired by the products and services offered by an expected 2,700 exhibitors from about 100 countries. And though there is no substitute for a first-hand experience with all senses, the digital event platform has provided the ideal complement since the unique Summer Edition was held in 2022. The future of the World’s Leading Fair for Organic Food and the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care is hybrid. Added value: The ability to plan your trade fair visit with the aid of a floor plan and an overview of products and services; arranging appointments in-person and online; matchmaking; and the fact the Congress will be available in digital form beyond the actual event timeframe. All the content and functions of the digital event platform are available on the app in addition to the desktop version.

One in four of the more than 24,000 trade visitors who participated in the unique Summer Edition of BIOFACH and VIVANESS in 2022 also made use of the services offered by the digital event platform, most of them as hybrid participants. They attended in person, but used the platform as a digital add-on before, during and after the event.

How to take advantage of the benefits the platform offers for BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023, and what highlights there are to look forward to: These questions were put to Dominik Dietz, the BIOFACH and VIVANESS team member responsible for the digital platform.

Briefly, what are the key added values offered by the digital event platform?

With the digital event platform, we offer the organic food and natural and organic personal care community the full package, in other words, an all-in-one service covering all aspects of BIOFACH and VIVANESS – from preparation to on-site use, follow-up and access to congress presentations after the event. That means a wide range of functions from exhibitor and product searches to appointment and agenda scheduling, and many opportunities to interact – digitally, in person and in hybrid form! The right feature is therefore available to suit every requirement at the right time, either during the trade fair or at the preparation stage – all in an intuitive, state- of-the-art platform solution, including the app!

Will there be new developments in 2023 – upgrades or special features?

In collaboration with our partner talque, we are constantly working on both upgrading and creating new features in order to drive forward the fusion of in-person (i.e. on-site) and digital added value. For 2023, exhibitors, visitors and media contacts will be able to enjoy improvements in usability, such as a revised chat design and design improvements in the area of personal participant profiles. As a further “special”, the mobile app will have a BIOFACH/VIVANESS design in 2023.

Not to be missed: What do I need to know and take into account beforehand in order to get the most out of my attendance or visit to the trade fair?

The important thing is to take time to prepare and maintain your profile, both the company profile for exhibitors and your personal participant profile in general. A detailed, perfect “fit” in the product search process is a key factor for success in ensuring people can find you. This can be boosted further by adding additional product profiles. Carefully maintaining your personal matchmaking details is also an important element in finding the right suggestions and best matches when you are looking for contacts. Recommendation: Keep your profile and choice of search and offer criteria up to date at all times so you can continue finding new matches.

Over a four-day period from 26–29 July 2022, all the passion of the international organic community was on display in Nuremberg. BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Fair for Organic Food, and VIVANESS, the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, celebrated their comeback with a one-off ‘summer edition’. The more than 24,000 trade visitors from 137 countries were absolutely delighted to be reunited. Relishing the opportunity for personal exchanges, networking and in-depth discussions of topical issues, they discovered innovations and trends and enjoyed the multi-sensory experience of a diverse range of products from the 2,276 exhibitors from 94 countries.

Petra Wolf, member of the management board at NürnbergMesse says: “The organic food and natural and organic cosmetics sector got back down to business in Nuremberg for its highly international community gathering, and we’d like to say a big thank-you for what was a massive response! The mood in the halls was impressive. Everywhere you could hear people saying how glad they were to finally see one another again and be back in Nuremberg. Exhibitors and visitors alike emphasised the unique trade fair experience on site.”

The event offered numerous highlights including the Agriculture Forum in the congress, the dedicated display area “Unpackaged”, and the Workshop Area at VIVANESS, all of which made their debut in 2022. From the beginning, however, the major issues of our times like climate protection, sustainability and global food security were also a key theme.
“Again and again, participants emphasised the immense value of the personal encounters, but also the in-depth professional discussions, for highlighting the solutions offered by the organic system, especially in the current global circumstances. We are absolutely delighted that the sector has been discussing these very issues, both on-site and online, and helping to shape the future, from this venue at our one-off summer edition!” Wolf continues.

BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress explored the issues of the day – live and on demand

The 123 technically informed sessions led by high-calibre presenters made the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress a cutting-edge forum for the sector. Alongside the main theme “Organic.Climate.Resilience”, the 2022 round of the congress explored issues relating to current market developments and trends as well as political and legislative frameworks.

Congress theme for BIOFACH 2023 already decided

As the World Agriculture Report states: “We need an agro-ecological evolution of agriculture, food production and consumption.” The BIOFACH Congress 2023 therefore aims to put the spotlight on the relationship between the organic system as the agriculture of the future, transformation, global crisis management and food security, including true cost. The ways in which the organic system contributes to more sustainable agricultural, social and nutritional choices will be identified, analysed and discussed. What potential does the organic system offer the planet? What global development tasks lie ahead for policymakers, the media and society, and specifically, the (organic) farming sector? Where does the organic system currently stand? From 14-17 February at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023, the opportunities and risks will be explored in the context of the key question: “Organic farming, climate protection and health: What’s the connection between healthy soil and healthy people?” The thematic focus of the congress will be jointly developed by IFOAM – Organics International, BÖLW (German Federation of Organic Food Producers) and BIOFACH.

Make a note of the date now: The next iteration of BIOFACH and VIVANESS will take place from 14–17 February 2023 at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

The global variety of organic food and natural and organic personal care products will be on show at BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food Products, and VIVANESS, the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, between 17 and 19 February 2021. This time, however, instead of taking place in the exhibition halls in Nuremberg, the international class meeting for the sector will be held in purely digital form. A total of 1,443 exhibitors at the BIOFACH/VIVANESS eSPECIAL, 102 of them representing VIVANESS/ natural personal care products and services, will actively contribute to the format of the event by offering digital tasting sessions and product presentations, for example. Sector representatives can look forward to three days full of company and product presentations, knowledge sharing, matchmaking and networking. Of course, the BIOFACH and VIVANESS CONGRESS is an integral part of the eSPECIAL, and participants will be able to experience the digital New Products Stand with its product innovations and trends, in addition to many other highlights. Trends at BIOFACH this year: plant-based products, low- sugar and sugar-free products, functional food, sustainability and social responsibility; and those at VIVANESS: solid cosmetics, me time & comfort, safe beauty und circular beauty.

“In recent months we’ve been working hard on the BIOFACH/VIVANESS 2021 eSPECIAL, and are looking forward to these three days when all the participants will get to know our business platform and use it to interact, make new contacts, do business, and learn about the latest sector developments and trends,” comments Petra Wolf, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse. “The organic food and natural and organic personal care community can look forward to a fascinating, top-quality digital event.”

More than 1,400 exhibitors on board

Among the total of 1,443 exhibitors, BIOFACH accounts for 1,341 and VIVANESS the remaining 102. The international make-up of the event is strong once again, at more than 75 %, with exhibitors this year representing 82 countries from every continent. The top countries by exhibitor numbers, after Germany (365), are Italy (176), France (70), the Netherlands (52), Spain (52), Belgium (48) and Austria (39).

The product areas of “milk substitutes” and “meat substitutes”, in particular, are strongly represented among the exhibitors at BIOFACH. Many exhibitors from the field of “frozen products”, especially fish and seafood, and also ice cream, have also registered. There is also a noticeable tendency for the sector to pay more and more attention to particular product characteristics such as “fair”, “regionally sourced”, “vegan” and “gluten and lactose-free”. One growth segment at VIVANESS is “decorative cosmetics”. Many exhibitors in the areas of “hair care”, “special cosmetics/care”, with particular reference to “shaving aids and beard care”, “chemist articles” and “contract manufacturing, packaging”, and the “oral and dental care” product group are also represented.

The 1,443 exhibitors also include the 15 exclusive partners to the BIOFACH/VIVANESS eSPECIAL: Biokreis e.V.; Bioland e.V.; Bio Austria, Consorzio il Biologico Soc.Coop.; Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd.; Demeter e.V.; dennree GmbH; GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and partners on behalf of the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development); GLS Bank; Lebensbaum; Litfood – Lithuanian National Pavilion; Naturland Zeichen GmbH; Officina naturae S.R.L.; Ukrainian National Pavilion; Organic Ukraine Business Hub and Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association.
Inspiration and stimuli: New developments and trends, start-ups and awards

The digital version of the trade fair pairing of BIOFACH and VIVANESS will still include a New Products Stand. In total, almost 500 new products have been submitted by the various exhibitors, including about 350 new product developments in the organic foodstuffs field and 140 for natural and organic cosmetics. And once again, the items considered most exciting and most innovative by the participants will win the coveted Best New Product Award. In addition to the Best New Product Award, the “BioThesis” Organic Food Industry Research Award will also be presented. This is given to theses with an environmental and sustainable focus.

Based on the registered new products, the trend jury has once again developed a list of the current industry trends for the BIOFACH/VIVANESS 2021 eSPECIAL. The trends at BIOFACH this year are plant-based products, low-sugar and sugar-free products, functional food, and sustainability and social responsibility, while those for VIVANESS are waterless beauty/solid cosmetics, me time & comfort, safe beauty/healthbooster, and circular beauty/economy.

There will also be a Start-up-Area this year. The Startups@BIOFACH/VIVANESS will introduce themselves and their products in a number of brief sessions/10-minute pitches in the exhibitors’ forum.

Networking made easy

The objective of the BIOFACH/VIVANESS eSPECIAL is to make it as easy as possible to establish and nurture business contacts using a range of communication tools such as chats and video calls, which enable all participants to get in touch with each other or arrange appointments, quickly and without complications. A special highlight of the business platform is the integrated Matchmaking Tool, which uses a search and offer process to show participants the best matches, i.e. their ideal contacts.

Comprehensive and fascinating programme at the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress

All in all, the congress programme comprises 70 individual sessions spread across six forums (the BIOFACH Forum, specialist retail, sustainability, politics, science, and VIVANESS Congress) covering all aspects of trends, numbers, data and facts on the global market for organic food products and natural and organic cosmetics. Of course, there will also be presentations on top themes such as “packaged/unpackaged” and special sessions on all aspects of the main congress theme, “Shaping Transformation. Stronger. Together”. Among the other highlights will be the trend tours on the highlighted BIOFACH and VIVANESS trends. Interested parties can find the entire programme here: or

The congress will be live-streamed, and will subsequently be available on demand for another six months or so, which means participants will not have to choose between two presentations or a customer appointment.

In parallel with the BIOFACH/VIVANESS eSPECIAL, the STADTLANDBIO Congress 2021 will also be held in purely digital form on 18 February. Its focus is the EU’s “Farm-to-Fork” strategy, which represents a sustainable agricultural system for the EU to create greener and healthier foodstuffs. The aim is to increase the share represented by environmentally friendly agriculture in the EU to 25 % by 2030. Participants in the congress will discuss the opportunities and benefits the strategy offers at a city, community and district level, and also how better collaboration can be achieved at an EU and municipal level.

The congress is aimed at decision-makers and professionals in authorities, organizations and businesses. Interested parties can find the entire programme here:

In 2021 BIOFACH and VIVANESS will take place as a purely digital format. The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care will be held as a BIOFACH / VIVANESS eSpecial. In making this decision, organiser NürnbergMesse is responding to the altered circumstances of the dynamically evolving pandemic and its effects on the global organic food and natural and organic cosmetics community. At the same time, this move will allow secure planning for the entire globally connected sector. The dates for the BIOFACH / VIVANESS 2021 eSpecial are 17-19 February.

Petra Wolf, member of the NürnbergMesse management board, had this to say: “The numerous conversations and in-depth dialogue we have had in recent weeks and months have made one thing clear to us. Within the organic food and natural and organic cosmetics sector the desire for interaction, networking and knowledge transfer with experts, and to discover trends and innovations, remains huge and unabated, especially in these exceptional times. Even in this era of coronavirus, the entire sector is absolutely determined to come together to discuss the latest issues, even if only in the digital sphere. However, in the light of the pandemic and based on our ongoing dialogue with the community and a comprehensive survey of exhibitors and visitors, we trust that our decision to host a digital event will now enable all players from the sector to plan ahead in good time. I very much regret that the physical trade fair cannot take place and stress that this decision was an extremely difficult one for all of us. However, before we all meet again on site in Nuremberg in 2022, the BIOFACH / VIVANESS eSpecial will offer an ideal platform for professional dialogue in 2021.”

Exhibitor presentations – networking – congress

The BIOFACH / VIVANESS 2021 eSpecial provides a comprehensive range of innovative options such as corporate and product presentations, discussion and dialogue formats like round tables, and other formats for networking with industry experts. Sophisticated matchmaking functions that help interested parties to find the right exhibitors and vice versa are another integral part of the eSpecial format. BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2021 also offers the organic food and natural and organic cosmetics community extensive access to knowledge transfer at the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress, which has a global reach. The main congress theme in 2021 will be: Shaping Transformation. Stronger. Together.

The combined trade fair of BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, and VIVANESS, the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, will be more international and diverse than ever before when it opens its doors at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 12 – 15 February. Both shows are setting new records for exhibitor numbers, display area and international focus. A total of 3,792 exhibitors – 292 of them at VIVANESS – from 110 countries will showcase their products to the trade public on a display area measuring 57,609 m2. BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2020 are offering their roughly expected 50,000 visitors even more diversity than ever, in two additional halls. The approaches that the organic system already offers for resolving urgent issues affecting the future will be discussed by the organic sector as part of the congress theme “Organic delivers!”, while water will be the focus of the special show “All about water – is the basis of life endangered?”. The key trends at BIOFACH this year are “Packaging”, “Vegan 2.0”, “Open Pollinated Varieties” and “Region 2.0”.

All facets of organic: the thematic focus areas at BIOFACH

BIOFACH offers three major thematic focus areas to explore: Know-how & Learning, New Products & Trends, and Experience & Discover. Besides the BIOFACH Congress, the Know-how & Learning area includes the German-language “Fachhandelstreff” for specialist retailers, the network hubs “Generation Future” and “Initiatives & NGOs” as well as the new special show “All about water – is the basis of life endangered?”. The focus of “New Products & Trends” is on new products, newcomers and start-ups. This also includes the Novelty Stand ( with 629 registered new products and the Best New Product Award, which is decided by trade visitors based on the products showcased at the Novelty Stand. The “New Products & Trends” area also includes the Pavilion that the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy sponsors for innovative new companies, the “German Newcomers”. Twenty-five newcomers and start-ups will be presenting to the trade public there under the heading of “Innovation made in Germany”. (

The Experience the World of OLIVE OIL, WINE and VEGAN are part of the thematic focus area “Experience & Discover”. Product presentations, tastings and accompanying events for trade visitors are a long-standing part of the program there. There is also a standing tradition of coveted awards: the international organic wine prize known as MUNDUS VINI BIOFACH, and the Olive Oil Award.


NürnbergMesse has proven expertise in the field of organic foodstuffs.In February every year, the international organic sector gathers in Nuremberg at BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. The comprehensive range of certified organic products on display shows their diversity – from fresh products like dairy and cheese, fruit, vegetables, dry products like grains and pulses, nuts and confectionery to beverages. The international patron of BIOFACH is IFOAM – Organics International, while the national supporting organization is the German Federation of Organic Food Producers (BÖLW). An integral part of this world-leading fair is the BIOFACH Congress, a knowledge-sharing platform that is unique worldwide. With another six BIOFACH events in China, India, Japan, South America, Thailand and the USA, BIOFACH World has a global presence and year for year brings together more than 4,500 exhibitors and
150,000 trade visitors.

From 16 to 18 May 2019, BIOFACH CHINA will open its doors at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC). Around 18,000 visitors and more than 350 exhibitors are expected at this 13th round of the event. Companies from almost 20 countries, including among others China, Denmark, Germany, India, Poland, Sri Lanka or Taiwan, are set to create a highly international atmosphere at the event and will present the latest organic trends. In 2019, Romania has the distinction of being “Country of the Year”. BIOFACH CHINA is organised and executed by the NürnbergMesse Group with its new partner, the government research institute Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ). Running in parallel, the NATURAL EXPO CHINA, which showcases natural products that are undergoing the process of organic certification, will make its debut. At the same time, the CRAFT BEER CHINA Conference & Exhibition and PAK-iD – Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Equipment, New Material & Creative Design Forum will be held at the same venue, offering exhibitors and visitors alike opportunities for new inspiration and business connections.

Project Director Ethan Shi from NürnbergMesse China very much welcomes the promising collaboration with the new partner: “The CAIQ will provide important support to advance the development of China’s organic sector. Our new partner will use its extensive resources to also strategically promote the growth of BIOFACH CHINA. In turn, we are ready to support China’s organic product innovation and intensively explore the various market segments. In a nutshell: this collaboration has an extensive reach!”

But it’s not just because of the new partnership that Shi excitedly anticipates the forthcoming BIOFACH CHINA: “For this 13th round of the exhibition I am also delighted about the launch of NATURAL EXPO CHINA, which offers a platform to all those market participants that are not or not yet organically certified.”

“Country of the Year”: Romania

As well as creating various synergies, BIOFACH CHINA will once again offer an inspiring supporting programme in 2019. Following on the heels of Denmark in 2017 and New Zealand in 2018, it’s now Romania’s turn to enjoy the spotlight as “Country of the Year”. At a stand conveniently located in the exhibition area, representatives of Romania will exhibit their typical organic products, explain regional differences, display the country’s latest organic trends and offer a point of contact for all interested visitors.

Sector gathering for organic specialists

In addition, BIOFACH CHINA will once again position itself as China’s main sector gathering for a large number of organic specialists. The NATURAL EXPO CHINA, which is making its debut, will put the spotlight on natural products that are in the process of becoming organically certified. In the “China Organic Vegan Forum”, experts will discuss vegan and organic food. Another newcomer this year is the “Organic Maternal and Infant Product Channel Forum” featuring topics and products targeted at pregnant women, new mothers, or families receptive to organic food. Trend scouts will find plenty of exciting innovations from the organic scene at the “Innovative Product Launch Zone”. At the same time, the accompanying “Conference on International Organic Product Market and Development” is the first place to look for publications on the latest organic trends in the Chinese market and for in-depth knowledge of the sector.

The BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR will open ist doors again from 6 to 9 June 2018. This 14th edition of Brazil’s most important organic products exhibition will be held at the Anhembi Exhibition Grounds in São Paulo for the first time. Visitors and exhibitors are expected from around the world, including from Peru, South Korea, the United States, Chile, China and Italy. This exhibition, to be held concurrently with the Naturaltech Exhibition, is the central point of contact for Latin America’s organic products industry. In addition to the new venue, the exhibition will feature organised business meetings and an international forum.

Fuelled by rising consumer demand, the consumption of organic foods is rising steadily in Brazil. Sales of organic foods in this country have since grown to more than R$ 3 billion, or US$ 900 million. This development will certainly be reflected at the BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2018, which will be held at the Anhembi Exhibition Grounds in São Paulo. This venue offers plenty of space for all exhibitors and visitors to Latin America’s largest international exhibition for organic products and ecological agriculture to discover the latest trends and exciting new developments in the organic products industry. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure of Anhembi Park, which is one of Latin America’s most important event centres, has been attested to by exhibitors and visitors for many years. This offshoot of BIOFACH Nürnberg is thus an excellent meeting place to establish or deepen business relationships with Brazil’s most important decision makers and associations in the organic products industry, as well as international organic product companies.

Knowledge platform and networking expertise

In addition to the product show, the exhibition will serve as a central knowledge platform thanks to the “International Forum of Organic and Sustainable Production”, where numerous presentations and panels will deliver concentrated expertise in organic products over a total of more than 100 hours. In addition, the so-called “Area Conhecimento” and “Area Inspiração” featuring selected discussions and contents will provide inspirational ideas for Latin America’s burgeoning organic products sector.

Concurrently, The BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR will also create ideal conditions for establishing business contacts in an exclusive setting of organized business meetings between vendors, buyers and retailers of organic products.

Experience the full range of organic diversity

Thanks to the numerous product segments on display, visitors to the BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR will experience the full range of organic diversity. The offering ranges from foods to cosmetics and clothing. Besides trade visitors, the exhibition is also aimed at interested consumers of organic products, so as to bind them closer to the industry and demonstrate the advantages of a sustainable lifestyle. For this reason, the exhibition is open to the general public on all days, thereby bridging the divide between direct consumer outreach and contact cultivation as an exclusive business platform.

The international organic sector will meet for the 12th edition of BIOFACH CHINA from 24 to 26 May 2018 at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC). About 480 exhibitors and about 18,000 visitors are expected from all around the world.

BIOFACH CHINA will have an extremely international and varied flavour this year, with separate pavilions from China, Taiwan, Denmark and New Zealand. Following a successful launch, the exhibition will once again introduce a “country of the year” in 2018, the focus this year being on New Zealand.

The event highlights will also include the online “China Organic Product Directory”, the special “Innovative Product Launch Zone” show containing the most interesting organic innovations of the year, and the “Organic Tea Competition”, offering an opportunity to vote and to network.

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Individual solutions, healthy added value and unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®

Whether for children, adults, health-conscious consumers or the generation of “foodies”, at Biofach in Nuremberg, Doehler will present innovative products and product applications that are explicitly tailored to the individual needs of the various consumer groups for the first time.

Organic products for the whole family

Many consumers increasingly expect that products should be sustainable, fair trade or organic and these factors strongly influence their purchasing decisions. At Biofach 2018, Doehler will present a diverse range of concepts for the entire family which are in line with this trend. These include delicious smoothies made from high-quality fruits and vegetables and fruit nectars without added sugar which are particularly suitable for children, or fruity NFC juices and refreshing fruit splashes. In addition to high-quality conventional ingredients, the company produces a comprehensive portfolio of certified organic ingredients at 14 sites worldwide. In this context, Doehler benefits from its vertical integration comprising a worldwide network of raw materials, its own fruit and vegetable processing in the growing regions and agro-sustainability programmes around the globe. Doehler’s portfolio also includes a broad variety of SAI FSA-verified as well as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Fairtrade-certified raw materials.

Naturally healthy – organic products with functional added value

“Superfoods” are literally on everyone’s lips. At Biofach, Doehler will display innovative product concepts that combine pure indulgence and functional added value, such as a delicious apple acai ginger “Juice Shot” for a healthy boost on the go or a fruity-fresh chia smoothie that creates unique Multi-Sensory Experiences® with the extra-crunchy chia seeds. The “Savoury Snack Drink” is also full of valuable vitamins and nutrients. With various vegetables and a refreshing note of mint, this savoury snack makes a healthy meal when you’re on the road.

Greater variety and new taste experiences for organic products

Doehler is an expert for entirely new taste experiences based on innovative food and beverage concepts. Thanks to its integrated approach, the company provides everything from a single source – from the field to the supermarket shelf. At Biofach, Doehler will present a varied ingredient portfolio and innovative concepts which breathe new life into organic products.

Doehler will display fascinating concepts which meet adult consumers’ wishes for diverse and more natural soft drinks with less sweetness. The organic tea beverage “Peach-Lemon Black Tea”, for example, wins over consumers with its authentic “freshly brewed tea” taste. To meet the growing demand for beverages tailored to an adult taste profile, Doehler offers a wide range of herb and spice extracts such as ginger, cardamom, lavender or peppermint which create a unique signature taste. Doehler also has access to unique and tailored raw materials, which allows for traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Coffee remains among the most popular beverages for adults and Cold Brew Coffee is one of the growing trends in this segment. Whether enjoyed pure or mixed with milk – cold brew coffee is much less bitter and acidic than the hot version and is characterised by fruity, caramel and chocolate flavours since it is prepared in a gentle process with no heat at all. Doehler has developed a unique process to capture the special flavours of cold brew coffee, which protects the entire flavour profile and makes it possible to create particularly authentic beverage and food concepts.

In Nuremberg, Doehler will also be presenting its comprehensive portfolio of organic fruit and vegetable ingredients, which can be used for many other creative food and beverage compositions. The company’s range of certified organic ingredients includes NFC juices, juice concentrates and purées in traditional flavours such as apple, sour cherry or blackcurrant as well as more exotic flavours such as white guava, grapefruit or mango, which create new taste experiences for organic products.