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The Bevolution® Group portfolio just got juicier. The B2B foodservice beverage manufacture is adding not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices to its already robust portfolio that spans from juices and lemonades to smoothie and cocktail mixers, even functional refreshers and add-ins.

Now, new Lemon NFC, Lime NFC, and Pomelo NFC juices join Bevolution’s premium Tropics® brand.

Quality is the defining characteristic of NFC juices. There are no additives or compromising preservatives, just a single ingredient picked peak of season. The delivered product is as fresh as if squeezed that day, naturally rich in colour, flavour, and aroma. It’s a simple but important difference that a chef or mixologist worth her salt will appreciate.

Ease of use and consistency are added benefits of choosing a single-strength juice. One bottle of Tropics 100 % Lime Juice NFC yields as much as 41 hand-squeezed limes without the prep. It can streamline operations and elevate a recipe, providing a key route to efficiency and premiumisation. Use back of the house or front, from cooking and baking to beverage. Whether making a marinade, cheesecake, or signature cocktail, Tropics brings stunning quality and reliable consistency within reach.

That’s because the premium Tropics brand sources from the world’s best growing regions. For example, Tropics 100 % Lemon Juice NFC is made with Spanish lemons selected for their multi-dimensional flavour. Lime and pomelo varieties are equally appealing, respectively sourced from Mexico and the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

“It’s all about taste,” says Head of Sales Robert Corlett. “Quality, great-tasting products with broad application – like our new all-natural NFC juices – bring value to the front of the house as well as the back. That’s when you offer more than a product. You offer a total solution.”

Lightly pasteurised and cold-filled into HDPE containers, Tropics’ new clean label NFC juices are packed in 6-61.5 fl. oz. cases and promptly flash frozen. Product is available for sale immediately. 100 % Orange Juice NFC will join the line later in 2021.

About Bevolution Group
Bevolution® Group is a leading manufacturer of foodservice and specialty coffee beverages. The B2B company offers a versatile portfolio of innovative, high-quality beverage solutions from brands like Tropics®, Dr. Smoothie®, Lemon-X®, and Refrasia®. Bevolution Group additionally offers customized product development and manufacturing capabilities. Markets serviced include restaurants and bars, hotels, healthcare organizations, cafés and coffeehouses, convenience stores, casinos, education campuses, and military facilities across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Production facilities are located in Chicago, Frostproof, FL, and Fullerton, CA.